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UK Reports Zero new COVID-19 Deaths since Last March

The United Kingdom Reports Zero new COVID Deaths for the First Time since March 2020

On Monday, the United Kingdom reported zero coronavirus-related deaths for the first time since the last fourteen months, an impressive milestone that comes as the administration continues to relax restrictions countrywide.  Public Health England released the statistics on Monday afternoon, which stated no new deaths to England’s overall toll of around 112,245.

Likewise, Northern Ireland and Scotland also reported zero coronavirus-related deaths for Sunday, a streak in the Britan broken by Wales, which reported four more national dead from the virus in Monday’s update. Before 10th May, both Northern Island and Scotland reported zero COVID deaths, but this is the first time since 7th March England wholly hit such a positive milestone.

Since the start of the deadly virus, around 126,605 people died from the coronavirus in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the fourteen-month record low for pandemic deaths of England comes as Boris Johnson, the country’s Prime Minister, set to announce Monday the new round of lockdown easing. In addition, the alert level of the United Kingdom dropped from a four to a three, maintaining the transmission of COVID-19 is no longer considered high or rising exponentially; however, it is still in general circulation.

Boris Johnson will Announce Ease of Restrictions Next Week

Furthermore, the U.K. Prime Minister expected to announce friends and family indoor gatherings next week, including restaurants and pubs, while theaters, cinemas, and museums can reopen. After hitting a peak of seventy thousand coronavirus cases daily in January, the United Kingdom is now recording an average of below two thousand new daily infections.

The United Kingdom Reports Zero new COVID Deaths since Last March
The United Kingdom Reports Zero new COVID Deaths since Last March
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Under the next round of easing lockdown, citizens are free to meet and hug family members and friends. At the same time, the administration will increase the legal limit of outdoor gatherings to thirty people. In addition, the outdoor arenas will be able to host live events with a maximum number of four thousand attendees. In the same way, those arenas with large outdoor seated venues having the capacity of spreading out crowd will able to hold ten thousand people.

The officials once again allowed inside-home gatherings, with a limit of around six people or groups from a maximum number of only two households. Similarly, the indoor recreation will return for the residents, with reopening sports and indoor seating at restaurants and pubs. The administration will update guidance on family and friends meetings.

Several countries also benefited from one of the most successful vaccine rollouts, with more than a quarter of residents completely inoculated and over half fully vaccinated. Furthermore, infection rates in the U.K. are at their lowest level since last September, while hospital admissions continue to decrease – with numbers having similarities with last July.

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