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Ukraine Attack Could Come Any Day – US National Security Advisor

Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor of the White House, said that the Russian aggression of Ukraine could happen at any time.

Ukraine Attack Could Come Any Day - US National Security Advisor Sullivan

On Sunday, the United States National Security Advisor to President Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, said that Russia could attack Ukraine any day, initiating a dispute that would come at a huge human cost. Sullivan offered another harsh warning one day after American officials confirmed that Russia massed at least seventy percent of the military capability it possibly plans to have in place by mid-February to give the Russian president the option of initiating a full-scale attack of Ukraine.

The White House National Security Advisor said it would be the most significant military operation in any European country since World War II. He told Meet the Press show of NBC News that the U.S. believes that the Russian president could mount a large military operation into Ukraine. However, the Biden government has worked hard to prepare a solid response.

On Sunday, in another interview on Fox News, Sullivan said that Russia could invade Ukraine any day, or it could be a couple of weeks, with American intelligence officials evaluating that Russia has seventy percent of its strike force in place for an invasion. Sullivan said that a Russian attack would come at a huge human cost and crisis to Ukraine but a strategic cost to Russia. As a result, America was ready to slap harsh and swift economic sanctions against Russia to hobble its economy.

The U.S. Ready to Negotiate with Russia

Sullivan expressed that the United States is ready to discuss the Ukraine matter with President Vladimir Putin over his apparent security concerns about American actions along with twenty-nine NATO allies. Further, he said that it includes positioning specific range missiles systems. It contains transparency around army exercises. Likewise, it consists of building trust and avoiding incidents that could lead to boom or inaccuracy.

Sullivan rejected the demands of Putin to exclude the possibility of Ukrainian membership. Further, he said an open the door to NATO for nations who can meet the requirements. According to Western allies, no external country has veto power which nations join the Atlantic alliance.

Ukraine Attack Could Come Any Day – US National Security Advisor
Ukraine Attack Could Come Any Day – US National Security Advisor Sullivan
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Last week, the United States President Joe Biden ordered to deploy three thousand U.S. troops to two eastern NATO nations, such as Romania and Poland. According to some latest reports, troops from the American 82nd Airborne Division landed in southeastern Poland near the Ukrainian border. However, Washington dismissed to deploy troops to combat alongside Ukrainian forces in the reaction against Russian aggression.

However, the United States sent the Kyiv government $500 million worth of defensive missiles and arms. Moreover, Sullivan said that if Russia attacks Ukraine, it will cut off its natural gas supplies to European nations in reprisal to American sanctions. Though, the United States is moving to help redirect natural gas supplies from somewhere else to its European ally countries.

Biden reassured and reinforced American partners on the eastern side. The U.S. president provided material support to the Ukrainian government and offered the Russian government a diplomatic path if that is what they choose instead.

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