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Ukraine Crisis: The US Warns China not to Aid Russia

Jake Sullivan warned Chinese foreign policy adviser Yang Jiechi about the Chinese assistance for Russia in its aggression of Ukraine

Ukraine Crisis The US Warns China not to Aid Russia

On Monday, Jake Sullivan, the United States National security adviser, issued a recent warning to senior Chinese foreign policy adviser, Yang Jiechi, to face severe consequences if they assist Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. The 7-hour meeting in Rome between both administration officials took on added pressure as Russian aggression against Ukraine drew into its 3rd week without any indications of withdrawing.

One day after Moscow launched a hail of cruise missiles at a military facility near the Poland-Ukraine border, the United Nations (U.N.) projected the total civilian casualties in the country at around six hundred dead and over one thousand injured. However, it is estimated that the actual figure is considerably higher than the reported.

Ned Price, the spokesperson of the U.S. State Department, said that the U.S. delegation and the national security raised directly their concerns about the support of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to Russia in the wake of the attack and the consequences that any such help would have for the relationship of PRC not only with the U.S. but its relationship across the world.

Furthermore, two government officials said the United States determined that Beijing signaled to Moscow that it would agree to provide military support for the campaign in Ukraine and financial assistance to help avoid the impact of harsh sanctions imposed by the West. The officials also said that evaluation was relayed to Asian and Western allies earlier Monday.

U.N. Chief Warns Russia-Ukraine War is Hurting Poor Nations

On Monday, the Secretary-General of U.N. Antonio Guterres warned that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is holding a sword of Damocles over the worldwide economy, especially low-income nations that face skyrocketing fuel, food, and fertilizer prices. Guterres told reporters that Ukraine and Russia represent over half of the global supply of sunflower oil and around thirty percent of the international wheat and that grain prices already raised those at the start of the Arab Spring.

The United Nations chief told reporters that forty-five African and least developed nations import almost one-third of their wheat from Russia & Ukraine, and eighteen of them import around fifty percent. He said that these nations include Libya, Sudan, Congo, Faso, Egypt, Yemen, Burkina, Somalia, and Lebanon. Guterres warned that all of this is hitting hardest the poorest countries and becoming the reason for political instability and unrest worldwide.

Zelensky to Deliver Virtual Address to U.S. Congress

This week, Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, will deliver a virtual address to the United States Congress, part of a series of high-profile speeches from a leader working to rally support as the Putin aggression of his nation intensifies. The Ukrainian leader will speak Wednesday to Senate and House members, which will live stream publicly. It follows last week’s speech he delivered to the United Kingdom Parliament that carried echoes of the blending words of Winston Churchill during World War 2.

The US Warns China not to Assist Russia against Ukraine
The US Warns China not to Assist Russia against Ukraine
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The Ukrainian leader scheduled to deliver a speech to the Canadian parliament on Tuesday. On Monday, the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that it is such a privilege to have this leader of the nation while its people are battling for their democracy. Zelensky and Pelosi demanded the meeting when they spoke at the end of last week, and representatives are thrilled to have his speech at Congress. Zelensky requested the United States for more air support to defend his country against Russian aggression, including the transfer of airplanes from Poland.

Today, the U.S. President expected to sign a bill containing financial aid for Ukraine into law. Still, lawmakers hope to hear more from the Ukrainian leader about the immediate needs of his country. In addition, during the last week’s Pelosi call, Zelensky said his country would want help rebuilding from the ongoing war. Earlier this month, the president of Ukraine spoke by video with Senate and House lawmakers, bringing a desperate appeal for more military aid.

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