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Ukraine President Request Global Show of Support

Zelensky requested the global world gather in public Thursday to show their support for Ukraine on the one-month anniversary of Russian aggression

Zelensky Request Global Show of Support against Russian Invasion

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, requested people worldwide to gather public on the first-month anniversary (today) of the Russian aggression to support Ukraine. He added that the invasion breaks the heart of every free individual on Earth. Zelensky’s video messages frequently gained the attention of the whole world. Zelensky would also talk with NATO members through video to request the alliance provide unhindered and practical support to Ukraine, including war weapons the country needs to fight off the Russian assault.

Late on Wednesday, during an emotional video address, Zelensky said in English that come to your streets and squares to show their support and make themselves heard and visible. He demanded them to say that people matter, peace matters, and freedom matters. When Russia began its aggression on 24th February in the biggest offensive of Europe since World War 2, a rapid fall over of the Zelensky government seemed likely.

Military Losses of Russia and Ukraine During War

However, with Wednesday marking one month of fighting, Moscow stuck in a crushing military campaign. NATO projected seven thousand to fifteen thousand Russian soldiers killed in one month of the war in Ukraine, where severe resistance denied Russia the quick victory it sought. On the other hand, Moscow lost around fifteen thousand soldiers over ten years in Afghanistan under comparison. On 2nd March, Russia said that it lost almost five hundred soldiers along with around sixteen hundred wounded.

Instead, Ukraine released not enough information about its military losses, including West didn’t share any estimate. However, the Ukrainian president said approximately fifteen days ago that they lost around thirteen hundred Ukrainian service members during the war. Ukraine also claimed to kill six Russian generals, but Russia acknowledges only one dead general.

On Wednesday, a senior American defense official said that the Russian ground military appears to be preparing defensive positions fifteen to twenty kilometers (nine to twelve miles) outside the capital, Kyiv, as they make little progress toward the city center. Russian troops seem to be prioritizing the battle in Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the Donbas in an effort to block the Ukrainian military from moving west to defend other cities.

Ukraine President Request Global Show of Support
Ukraine President Request Global Show of Support
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Russian Activity in the Sea of Azov

An official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the United States observed activity from Russian ships in the Sea of Azov (a sea in Eastern Europe connected to the Black Sea), including efforts to send landing ships ashore with supplies and vehicles. The United States officials long warned that Russian military policy foresees an escalation to deescalate the option of using battleground nuclear weapons to force the enemy to withdraw in a situation when the Russian army faces looming defeat. Russia denied such plans.

Biden’s Europe Visit

The United States President Joe Biden headed to Europe to meet with major U.S. allies about the latest sanctions against Russia and other military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. He also warned there is an intelligence report that Russia could use chemical weapons. During a meeting with the U.S. president, European Union countries signed off on another $550 million (five hundred million euros) in military aid for Ukraine.

Additionally, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the U.S. determined that the Russian military committed war crimes in Ukraine, and it worked to sue the offenders. Blinken cited evidence of indiscrimination or intentional attacks against civilians and the destruction of the hospitals, residential buildings, schools, shopping centers, religious spaces, and other sites.

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