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Ukrainian First Lady Requested More US Arms

As Ukraine faces a barrage of Russian air attacks, Olena Zelenska calls on the United States Congress to provide Ukraine with air defense systems

Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska Requested More US Arms

Olena Zelenska has often made it clear that she does not crave attention. Still, on Wednesday, she spoke at the United States Capitol to advocate for more US air defenses to counter Russian missiles. Using blood-splattered strollers and crumpled bodies or a blood-splattered baby stroller, she showed the most potent legislators how the Russian bombardment of cities had affected Ukraine’s children.

In addition to Liza, Zelenska showed the faces of 6-year-old Eva, killed in the rubble of a destroyed building, and a Holocaust survivor killed in Kyiv earlier this month. As a woman translated Zelenska’s words into English, she said that she speaks to you as a mother and as a daughter.” It was Zelenska’s first time speaking in English as a Ukrainian first lady. She added that our family always remains the most important thing in our lives, regardless of what positions or titles we attain.

In front of an overhead screen, Zelenska told Democrats and Republicans: “Ukraine want no more air strikes, no more missile strikes.” The same congressional auditorium where her husband was honored by politicians three weeks after Russia’s invasion was where Zelenska spoke. She addressed an audience that included Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Video had been used to talk with her husband.

Zelenska’s Role in the Political Activities of Her Husband

Having spoken by video address nightly since Russia attacked, Zelensky has received praise from his supporters. In the initial two months of the war, Zelenska and her two children fled to safety away from Zelenskyy. Before her husband (Zelensky) was elected president of the country in 2019, Zelenska worked as a comedian, scriptwriter, and actor. 2003 marked the year of their marriage.

Ukrainian First Lady Requested More US Arms
Ukrainian First Lady Requested More US Arms
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According to Zelenska, who spoke to Vogue magazine the same year her husband won the election, she is not someone who tells jokes and doesn’t participate in the public arena. However, in her role as the first lady, she discovered for herself that publicity is to their benefit. As Zelenska said, one of these opportunities is to bring attention to critical social issues.

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