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Ukrainian President will Address G7 and NATO Summits

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be addressing G7 and NATO via a virtual meeting in the upcoming week

Ukrainian President Zelensky will Address G7 and NATO Summits

Senior United States government officials said that Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, will virtually address the NATO and G-7 summits that are going to be held over the coming week. Zelensky works to strengthen western support amid the crushing Russian invasion of his country. Furthermore, the Ukraine war will come over the Spain and Germany trip of United States President Joe Biden, where he will talk with several western leaders.

At The Group of Seven (G-7) meeting, the officials said that the U.S. president would reveal steps along with allies to intensify pressure on Moscow for its aggression against Ukraine. Furthermore, the United States will announce moves at the NATO summit to reinforce European security, along with likely key new contributions from other leaders. However, officials denied sharing details regarding likely new sanctions against Russia in collaboration with G-7 allies.

On the other hand, officials acknowledged that with the increase in gas prices both at national and abroad levels, leaders participating would probably discuss the partial ban of the European Union on Russian oil, which they described as a set of shared moves to cut reliance on Russian energy which results in minimizing price impacts at home.

Beijing – the Key Issue for G-7 and NATO Groups

Beijing appeared as a key issue for NATO and G-7, which still focused on Ukraine and Russia and didn’t talk about China in their summits. However, at the 2021 G-7 summit in Cornwall, the U.S. president pushed fellow leaders into inserting difficult new language on human rights into a final official statement, and the group had intense discussions about their collective.

Ukrainian President will Address G7 and NATO Summits
Ukrainian President Zelensky will Address G7 and NATO Summits
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For the first time, leaders will include Beijing at the G-7 summit in the final strategic concept paper, specifically the long-term challenges the Asian largest economy poses to European security. Likewise, the summit will include leaders from Asia for the first time, including New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

President Biden will launch a global infrastructure partnership at the G-7 summit intended to advance low-and-middle-income nations, another effort to challenge Chinese reach. Additionally, the applications of Finland and Sweden will be a key topic of discussion at the NATO meeting. According to a senior official, the United States continues to bring Finland and Sweden into the NATO alliance instantly.

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