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Ukrainian President Zelensky Hits Back at Biden Comments

Ukrainian President Zelensky responded to Biden’s remarks about a minor invasion by Russia into his country by saying there are no minor incursions

Ukrainian President Zelensky Hits Back at Joe Biden Remarks

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, hit back at the United States President Joe Biden’s remarks about a minor attack by Russia on his country. Biden suggested that a minor attack bring a weaker response from the United States and its partners. Instead, Zelensky tweeted that there are no minor invasions. Just as there are no minor causations and little sorrow from the loss of loved ones.

Russia deployed around one hundred thousand troops near the border but denied planning an attack. Russian President Vladimir Putin made a series of demands to the Western nations, demanding Ukraine should never join NATO and that the defensive coalition halts military activity in eastern Europe.

Biden told a Wednesday press conference that Putin would pay a high and dear price for attacking Ukraine and suggested that it might hinge on how Russia went about it. He said that Russia would be held accountable if it attacks, and it depends on what it does. His remarks provoked doubts that the United States might respond to Russian violence, and officials are trying to clarify the position of Washington.

Western Strategy over Ukraine Attack

Antony Blinken, the United States Secretary of State was speaking from Germany after meeting European nations’ foreign ministers for dialogs intended at coordinating a Western strategy over a possible attack of Ukraine. The U.S. secretary of state will meet Sergei Lavrov, his Russian counterpart, in Geneva on Friday. Earlier, Moscow warned that the remarks of Biden could further undermine the situation.

What does the Russian President want?

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, long blamed that the United States broke a guarantee in 1990 that NATO forces wouldn’t expand further east. During the last month’s press conference, Putin protested that they received Russia. Understandings vary over what exactly vowed to Mikhail Gorbachev, the then-Soviet leader. However, the Russian President believes the guarantee was made.

Ukrainian President Zelensky Hits Back at Biden Comments
Ukrainian President Zelensky Hits Back at Biden Comments
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Since then, many eastern and central European nations which used to be part of the Soviet Union or its circle of influence joined NATO. Four of those countries – Estonia, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania – have borders with Russia. In addition, Russia claims that this expansion, and the presence of NATO forces and military equipment near its borders, is a straight threat to its security.

The nation captured and invaded the Crimean Peninsula in southern Ukraine in 2014 after the country overthrew its pro-Russian president. Since then, the military of Ukraine locked in a war with Russian-supported insurgents in areas of the east near the borders of Russia. Furthermore, there are concerns that the dispute claimed fourteen thousand lives and caused at least two million individuals to flee their homes, may reignite, and that the military of Russia will cross the border.

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