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Ukrainian Soldiers Started Training in the UK

The United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that several Ukrainian troops are training in Britain

Ukrainian Soldiers Started Training in the United Kingdom

For the first time since the start of the Russian attack, a small number of Ukrainian soldiers are getting training in the United Kingdom as Prime Minister Boris Johnson steps up his military assistance to help Ukraine fight off the Russian military. Johnson’s spokesperson said that the Ukrainian troops started training with Britain-donated armored patrol vehicles.

The United Kingdom provides the war-torn country with one hundred and twenty armored patrol vehicles, including the Mastiff. Ukrainian military can use them as patrol or reconnaissance vehicles. Moreover, the spokesperson said the United Kingdom, in collaboration with its allies, provided the latest equipment to Ukrainian troops that they may not use before. He adds that it is only sensible that they receive the necessary training to make the best use of it.

Johnson said that the British military is also training Ukrainian forces in Poland to use anti-aircraft missiles. During his official to India, the British Prime Minister said that his army is currently training Ukrainian troops in Poland to use anti-aircraft defense and actually in Britain using armored vehicles. In addition, the United Kingdom and other western nations started to supply NATO-standard weapons to the Ukrainian forces, which require a short duration of the training, so Ukrainian troops know how to use them.

The U.S. Announced to Train Ukrainian Troops

This week, the Pentagon also announced to train some Ukrainian soldiers to use the first batch of eighteen United States howitzers outside the country before using the weapons in the combat zone. Announcements from both countries indicate a step toward greater western nations’ involvement in the war, which intended to supply weapons to Ukrainian forces and target Moscow with severe economic sanctions.

Ukrainian Soldiers Started Training in the UK
Ukrainian Soldiers Started Training in the UK
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However, the official spokesperson of Johnson insisted that training Ukrainian soldiers in Britain were not escalators. Moscow is gradually deploying forces in the Donbas region in the East of Ukraine, where western officials believe Russia already has a three-to-one advantage over Ukrainians. Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden announced Thursday an additional $800 million of military aid for Ukraine, including 144000 artillery rounds and seventy-two howitzers.

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