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Ukrainians in the US Boost up to Accept 100000 Likely Refugees

The US government plans to accept around one hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees following Russian aggression on the nation

Ukrainians in the US Boost up Efforts to Accept 100000 Likely Refugees

The U.S. is preparing to accept around 100000 refugees from Ukraine following the Russian attack on the country; the current communities in cities such as Seattle and Sacramento are already mobilizing and boosting their efforts to provide shelter, food, and support to those fleeing the fight. Moreover, the Biden administration has not announced when the formal migration process will start. Still, Ukrainian communities in the United States already support individuals entering the nation through other channels, including visas that will finally expire or by entering Mexico and crossing over the border.

Since the war started late last month, around 3.6 million individuals fled Ukraine, and millions of more Ukrainians were displaced within the country. Last week, U.S. President Joe Biden said that his country would admit up to one hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees and provide $1 billion in humanitarian aid to nations affected by migration. In addition, it is questionable the U.S. will see a huge flood of Ukrainians on military and charter flights that happened with Afghan refugees in 2021.

Another wave of refugees started arriving after the initial Russian attack on Ukraine in 2014. Since then, three thousand have come to Sacramento of the eight thousand Ukrainian nationals relocated by the organization “World Relief.” Since the attack, Goloborodko and other Ukrainians in the Washington state lobbied hard for support from state officials. Democratic Governor Jay Inslee pledged that Washington would help Ukrainian people fleeing the violence.

Number of Ukraine Refugees Passes Worst Case

On Wednesday, the United Nations reported that the number of people who fled Ukraine since the Russian military attacked the country exceeded four million. On the other hand, Russia continued shelling in places where it pledged to ease its armed operations. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said Wednesday that over four million people left Ukraine since Moscow initiated its invasion on 24th February and fueling the largest European refugee crisis since World War 2. That number surpasses the worst-case forecasts that made the war started.

Ukrainians in the US Boost up to Accept 100000 Likely Refugees
Ukrainians in the US Boost up to Accept 100000 Likely Refugees
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Over 2.3 million Ukrainian refugees entered Poland, but some of them traveled on to other nations. Likewise, above 608,000 refugees entered Romania, more than 387,000 fled to Moldova, and around 364,000 refugees entered Hungary in the last five weeks, UNHCR said. On Wednesday, Filippo Grandi, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, entered Ukraine and said that he would be in Lviv to discuss ways to strengthen support to individuals affected and displaced by the senseless war.

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