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US Announces Heavy Artillery, Drones to Ukraine

United States President Joe Biden vowed another $1.3 billion for new economic and weaponry assistance to help Ukraine

United States Announces Heavy Artillery, Drones Assistance to Ukraine

On Thursday, the United States President Joe Biden vowed another $1.3 billion aid package, containing heavy weapons and economic assistance, to help Ukraine against its fight against Russian attack. He also pledged to seek much more from Congress to keep the ammunition, guns, and cash flow. Biden said that his administration would send the latest military assistance directly to the front lines of freedom.

The president further added that the U.S. would provide supplementarily $500 million in direct economic aid to the Ukrainian administration. He also vowed to impose a ban on Russian ships in United States ports. Yesterday’s announcement came eight days after the Biden government revealed a previous $800 million military assistance package containing artillery ammunition, armored personnel carriers, artillery systems, and helicopters.

Biden announced $800 million to enhance further the Ukrainian military’s ability to combat in the Donbas and the east region. It includes heavy artillery weapons, 144000 rounds of ammunition with dozens of howitzers, and tactical drones. He told reporters that they are delivering weapons and equipment to Ukraine at record speed to ensure the U.S. assistance in helping Ukrainian forces hold off Russian advances.

The U.S. Started Training of Ukrainian Forces

This week, the United States started training Ukrainian forces outside the country on the 155-millimeter howitzer cannons included in the previously announced $800 million weapons package. Moscow invaded Ukraine on 24th February after a prolonged deadlock that saw Russia amass troops near the Ukrainian border as Russian leader Vladimir Putin sought an end to expanding NATO forces into former Soviet countries.

However, in recent weeks, Russia cut back its war objectives, shifting its fight efforts to the eastern Donbas region after failing to seize Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. Yesterday, the U.S. President called the fight for the Ukrainian capital a historic victory of President Zelensky. Biden said that it was a victory for the freedom of Ukrainians that was won by the country’s people with extraordinary aid and assistance from the U.S. and NATO allies.

In March, the United States Congress approved $13.6 billion in aid to Ukraine, but the president said that he would be requesting lawmakers for additional funds to keep the weaponry assistance to Ukrainian forces flowing without interruption. President Biden also reiterated his promise to hold Russian President Putin accountable for the ongoing war. In addition, the United States and its allies slapped sanctions on the Russian economy, along with private elites from Putin’s close circle.

Biden said that Congress approved an overall $6.5 billion in security assistance for Ukraine last month as part of the $13.6 billion package that could soon be exhausted. In addition, with the recent announcement from the president, the U.S. approved around $3.4 billion in military aid since the 24th February invasion.

United States Aid Intends to Enforce Ukrainian Military and Help Refugees

Overall, Congress aid included around $6.8 billion in direct economic assistance to refugees and provided economic assistance to allies in the war-torn region, as well as additional funding for federal agencies to slap economic sanctions against Moscow and protect against cyber threats.

US Announces Heavy Artillery, Drones to Ukraine
The United States Announces Heavy Artillery, Ammunition & Drones Aid to Ukraine
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John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said that the U.S. Air Force developed drones and fit a specific need of the Ukrainian military in the fight for the Donbas region. A United States company, Aevex Aerospace, produced the drones in a program that started before Russia attacked Ukraine. Further, he added that the Phoenix Ghost is similar to the armed Switchblade kamikaze drones that the U.S. is already delivering to Ukraine.

On Thursday, the Biden government announced a new program intended to streamline refugee applications for Ukrainian people and others evacuating from the war while they are still in Europe. The United States federal government will no longer regularly grant entry to those who stand out at the Mexico-U.S. border looking for asylum, as thousands already have.

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