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US Exploring Renewal of Migration Deals with Cuba

Ahead of United States-Cuba dialogs this week targeting migration concerns, according to senior officials

US Exploring Resumption of Migration Accords With Cuba

Before the United States-Cuba dialog this week on migration concerns, senior officials said that the U.S. would explore the possibility of resumption of migration harmonies with Cuba. At a news conference in Panama, the United States Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the U.S. had migrated with Cuba for several years. However, those accords were withdrawn, and they will explore the possibility of resuming them.

Mayorkas said that that reflects the U.S. commitment to orderly, legal, and humane pathways so people, including Cuban officials, wouldn’t take, for example, to the seas, which is an unusual risky journey. Furthermore, the United States said they perceived a significant escalation in undocumented and irregular Cuban migrants headed to the U.S. through land and naval routes. Currently, Cubans rank as the 2nd-largest group arriving at the United States-Mexican border.

Cuba Faults United States

Cuba said Biden administration sanctions and the previous decision to close the United States consular section in Havana are among the cause for an increase in undocumented Cuban migrants and those who seek risky routes to American soil. In March, Washington stated that it recommenced limited visa processing for Cubans to facilitate civil society, diplomatic engagement, and family gatherings.

The Havana United States Embassy started limited immigration visa processing. Additionally, its consular section will continue to deliver essential services for Americans and limited emergency non-immigrant processing of visas. Moreover, the United States Embassy in Georgetown will remain the critical processing location for immigrant visa applicants of Cuba.

The United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Mayorkas were in Panama for a conference with officials from over twenty nations to discuss migration and other regional issues. In addition, Panama has become a transportation point for migrants seeking landing in the U.S. land. The meetings came as the United States administration has been experiencing growing numbers of unregistered migrants trying to cross the border from Mexico.

United States Exploring Renewal of Migration Deals with Cuba
United States Exploring Renewal of Migration Deals with Cuba
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Secretary of State requested other corporations at the regional level on refugees and migrants. The top United States diplomat said Panama and the U.S. signed an arrangement intended to boost bilateral cooperation to help stabilize communities that are hosting refugees and migrants, producing additional legal pathways to reinforce safe, humane, and orderly migration, as well as curbing root causes of undocumented migration by increasing economic opportunity.

Migrants Vulnerable

On Tuesday, Blinken said finding a solution to the undocumented migration matter was a priority for the United States. Further, he added that migrants are exposed to misuse of all types. Many are kids, and their futures, their fates, are highly uncertain. The Biden government vowed to address the primary causes of migration and said it would give Central American nations a further $1.2 billion in aid.

In June, the United States will host the conference of the U.S. in Los Angeles to continue the regional discussion and further collaboration on these issues. The summit in Panama came after Coronavirus health restrictions were eased in the United States, ending a policy recognized as Title 42.

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