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US Intelligence Determined Russia Planning Ukraine Offensive

Biden pledged to make it difficult for Putin to take military action in Ukraine as U.S. intelligence officials find that Russian planning is underway for a possible military offensive

Russia is Planning Offensive in Ukraine - US intelligence

On Friday, U.S. President Joe Biden vowed to make it challenging for Russian President Vladimir Putin to take military action in Ukraine as United States intelligence officials found that the planning of Russia is in progress for a likely offensive that might start as early as 2022. Furthermore, the new intelligence outcome forecasts that Russia decided to deploy a projected one hundred seventy-five thousand troops, and roughly half of them already deployed along with several points near the border of Ukraine, according to a Biden government official.

It comes as Russia lifts its demands on the U.S. president to guarantee that Ukraine will not be allowed to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance. Furthermore, the official said that the strategies call for a hundred battalion tactical groups and artillery, armor, and equipment. Intelligence officials also experienced an increase in Russian propaganda efforts over the use of media outlets and delegations to vilify Ukraine and NATO ahead of a possible invasion.

On Friday evening, President Biden reiterated his concerns about Russian provocations. Biden said that the U.S. knows the Russian actions for a long time, and his administration will have a long discussion with the Russian President. If he actually went through with an attack, the risk of such a strategy for the Russian leader would be enormous.

Putin is Laying the Groundwork for a Potential Invasion

Former American diplomats and officials say while Putin clearly is putting the groundwork for a likely invasion, the military of Ukraine is better armed and ready today than in last years, and the sanctions warned by the Western countries would be severe damage to the economy of Russia. It is still unclear if Putin plans to go through with what would be a dangerous assault.

Earlier Friday, the U.S. President vowed to make it challenging for the Russian President to take military action in Ukraine and said the latest initiatives coming from the government are meant to prevent Russian aggression. On Friday, the Kremlin said that Putin would seek mandatory guarantees prohibiting the expansion of NATO to Ukraine during the call with the U.S. president. However, Biden wanted to stop the demand.

US Intelligence Determined Russia Planning Ukraine Offensive
Russia is Planning Offensive in Ukraine – US intelligence
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However, Ukraine officials also warned that Russia could attack in January 2022. On Friday, Oleksii Reznikov, the Defense Minister of Ukraine, told representatives that the number of Russian military members near Ukraine and in Russia-occupied Crimea is likely ninety-four thousand, three hundred, cautioned that massive escalation expected next month. According to an anonymous intelligence report, the U.S. intelligence officials estimate around seventy thousand military troops deployed near the border.

The Washington Post first reported the intelligence findings. These are the indications that Kremlin and the White House are close to arranging a discussion next week between Putin and Biden. In addition, Yuri Ushakov, the foreign adviser of Putin, told reporters Friday that arrangements made for a Biden-Putin call in the upcoming days, adding that the officials will announce the date after Washington and Moscow settle on details.

The U.S. Look Forward to Coordinate with European Allies for Sanctioning Russia

Psaki said the government would seem to coordinate with European partners if it went ahead with sanctions. She noted that bitter reminiscences of the Russian 2014 takeover of Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula that had been under the control of Ukraine since 1954, are front of mind as the White House considers the proceeding process. Last month, the United States officially condemned the Russian anti-satellite missile test.

However, some United States government officials say the Russian President also could be looking for concessions and attention from the U.S. president and other leaders of Western countries, using the military growth to force Russia back into a crucial role in world affairs as it had in the Soviet Union days.

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