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US President Acknowledged $2 Trillion Bill Halted

Biden has all but acknowledged dialogs over his sweeping domestic policy package having $2 trillion worth will likely push into 2022

President Biden Acknowledged $2T Bill Halted but Pledges it will Pass

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, acknowledged dialogs over his sweeping $2 trillion worth domestic bill will likely push into the new year, as he doesn’t still have the votes in the Senate to raise the bill to passage. On Thursday, the president released a statement as it became progressively evident that his party senators would meet their Christmas deadline because of uncompromising opposition from one holdout.

Biden said that the West Virginia senator repeated his support for the framework of the bill. The president said that he also briefed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the latest development in the recent round of talks with Manchin. Furthermore, Biden stated that his government would tie their differences and move forward with the Build Back better plan, even in the face of intense GOP opposition.

The president said that he and his national team would continue to discuss the plan with Manchin next week. In addition, the congressional leaders and White House plan to work hard in the coming days to wind up the details. They are persistent in bringing the Build Back Better package to the Senate floor for votes as soon as possible.

Simultaneously, Democratic leaders were stepping up to show development on another stalled priority, such as voting rights legislation that the president acknowledged, also faces difficulties. Biden said they must move ahead on the voting rights bill and advance on this as early as possible.

Manchin Force His Party to Cut the Bill’s Cost

Schumer described the efforts of Democrats to break the deadlock on the voting rights bill and a stack of nominations the U.S. Senate will consider as they continue working to bring the Senate to a place where the Senate moves forward on the environment and social bill. Manchin continued his move to force his party to decrease the cost of the bill by eliminating programs that he opposes.

US President Acknowledged $2 Trillion Bill Halted
US President Joe Biden Acknowledged $2 Trillion Bill Halted
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All GOP Senators oppose the package, arguing the move carries several of the paramount domestic priorities of the president, which is too expensive and would lift inflation in the country. As they usually do, Manchin and McConnel met in the Republican leader’s office, a very public reminder of the Democrats’ small hold on the majority and conservative leanings of the West Virginia senator. In addition, Manchin wanted the overall ten-year price tag of the bill to fall less than $2 trillion.

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