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US President Calls for Putin to Face War Crimes

Biden called for a war crimes trial against his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and condemned him for the killings in Buch

US Calls for War Crimes Trial against His Russian Counterpart

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, called for his Russian counter Vladimir Putin to be tried for war crimes as evidence emerges of killings allegedly committed by the Russian military in Ukraine. In addition, there is growing global anger over the suspected assassination of Ukrainian civilians in Bucha, a town near Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.

Biden said that Putin is a brutal guy and is a war criminal. United States officials say that they are backing a team of international prosecutors to send them towards Bucha to collect evidence. Furthermore, the Ukrainian officials initiated a war crimes probe after it said the bodies of four hundred and ten civilians found in areas across Kyiv.

Some bodies were discovered in mass graves, and some of them had their hands tied behind and had allegedly been shot at close range. In addition, Kyiv officials blamed Russian troops for killing a village head, her son, and her husband in the Motoyzhyn village for helping Ukrainian forces in the region.

Zelensky Visited War-devastated Bucha

On Monday, President Zelensky visited the war-devastated town of Bucha, telling Ukrainians on national TV it is now difficult to negotiate an end to the war with Moscow as the killings by Russian forces become more apparent. With evidence of Ukrainian civilians tied together and shot at close range, bodies spotted on the town’s streets, and mass graves, Zelensky called war crimes, and the world recognized them as genocide.

In his first reported visit outside Kyiv after 24th February, military personnel surrounded the Ukrainian president, who was wearing body armor; he said that it is very tough to talk when you see what Russians did there. Further, he added that the longer the Russian Federation stretched the meeting process, the worse it was for Russians, the war, and the current situation.

US President Calls for Putin to Face War Crimes
US President Biden Calls for Putin to Face War Crimes
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Dmytro Kuleba, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, echoed Zelensky’s comments by saying, the horrors that they witnessed in Bucha are only the tip of the iceberg. During a news conference with Lizz Truss, the Foreign Secretary of the U.K. in Warsaw, he said that he could tell him, without an overstatement but with great sorrow, that the actual situation in Mariupol is much worse.

On Monday, the Mariupol mayor said that around one hundred thirty thousand citizens remained trapped there, and Russian forces destroyed everything in the southern city, including all municipal buses. A spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) expressed that still, it is unable for the fourth day to deliver humanitarian aid into the city.

Moscow Denied Accusations of Killing Civilians

Russia denied allegations of killing Bucha civilians, with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov characterizing the scenes outside the Ukrainian capital as an engineered anti-Russian provocation. On the other hand, Ned Price, the spokesman of the U.S. State Department, said pictures from Bucha suggest these killings are not the act of rogue warriors. But they are part of the more comprehensive, troubling campaign. He demanded accountability for the responsible for atrocities.

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