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US President Defends US Departure from Afghanistan

Joe Biden, called the American airlift to extract over120,000 Americans, Afghan allies, and others from Afghanistan, a success for the US.

On Tuesday, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, called the American airlift to extract over one hundred twenty thousand Americans, Afghan allies, and others from Afghanistan to end a twenty-year war “an extraordinary success,” though over a hundred Americans and thousands of others left behind. Moreover, the president spoke to the nation just after 24-hours the last American C-17 cargo aircraft roared off from the Afghan capital and strongly defended his decision to end the longest war of America and withdraw all American troops before a 31st August deadline.

11 American Service Members Killed in Suicide Attack

U.S. president announced from the White House that he was not going to extend this forever war and was not going to extend a forever exit. The democratic president faced tough questions about the way the United States went about leaving the country – a messy troops evacuation with ripples of violence, including a suicide bombing a week before that killed thirteen service members of America and one hundred and sixty-nine Afghans. Biden is under heavy criticism, specifically from Republican leaders, for his managing of the evacuation.

However, he said that it was foreseeable that the ultimate departure from twenty years of war, first negotiated with the Taliban insurgents for 1st May by former U.S. President Donald Trump, would be difficult, with possible violence, no matter when it planned and implemented. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden simply offered his strong evaluation. President Biden mocked Republican leaders and also some Democratic leaders, who oppose the United States would better serve to maintain an insignificant military footmark in Afghanistan.

Before the attack of Thursday, the American military hadn’t suffered a combat fatality since February 2020 – about the time the Trump government-brokered its agreement with Taliban leaders to end the war by May 2021. Furthermore, president Biden said breaking the former president’s agreement would start a gunfire war again. Finally, the president said that those people who favor remaining at war are also unable to identify the weight of deployment, with a curse of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), divorce, financial struggles, and other problems for American troops.

Biden aimed to hold the Taliban to Their Promise of Safe Passage for U.S. Soldiers

The United States president said that when he hears that they should continue the so-called low-level effort in Afghanistan at low risk to American service members, at low cost. Further, he adds that enough people understand how much the U.S. asked of the one percent of the country to fight in Afghanistan. On the other side, the president is trying to establish a new relationship with the Taliban leaders. Likewise, Biden tasked Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, to cooperate with international allies to hold the insurgent group to its promise of safe evacuation for American soldiers and diplomatic members and other Afghan supporters and allies who want to leave the coming days.

The U.S. president also resists criticism that his administration fell short of his pledge to get all American nationals out of Afghanistan ahead of the United States military withdrawal. Biden said several of the Americans left behind in the county are those having dual nationalities, some with deep family roots that are confusing their ability to leave the country. Biden said that the bottom line, around ninety percent of Americans in Afghanistan who sought to leave were able to leave. Whereas for those remaining American nationals, there is no deadline to leave. He added that his administration remained committed to pulling them out of Afghanistan if they want to come out.

US President Defends US Departure from Afghanistan
US President Joe Biden Defends US Departure from Afghanistan
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Biden Defended his Decision to End the pro-long War

The president repeated his argument to defend the ending of the Afghanistan war by saying that it was a crucial move for recalibrating the foreign policy of America toward mounting challenges from Russia and China – and counterterrorism concerns that pose a more powerful threat to the United States. Additionally, in the viewpoint of the U.S. president, the U.S.-Afghan war would end ten years ago with the killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Finally, Biden mourned a projected $2 trillion of U.S. citizens’ taxpayer money that was spent to fight the war.

On Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, described the Democratic government’s handling of the evacuation process as possibly the biggest failure in American history on a military stage in his lifetime. He also promised that Republican leaders would force the White House administration for answers. In addition, a group of Republican representatives assembled on the floor of House on Tuesday morning and made a moment of silence for the thirteen service members who lost their lives in the suicide bomber attack.

The Republican representatives protested as Representative Debbie Dingell gaveled the U.S. House into suspension. Afterward, they gathered for a news conference to criticize the government. But, for several American commanders and troops who served in Afghanistan, the day was of mixed emotions.

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