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US President Seeks $33 Billion Aid for Ukraine

President Joe Biden asked the United States Congress for USD 33 Billion in economic and security assistance to help the Ukrainian military

US President Seeks $33 Billion Aid for Ukraine

On Thursday, the United States President Joe Biden asked Congress for a further $33 billion in aid to help Ukrainians to combat the Russian invasion. The recent announcement signals that the United States is ready to mount a long-term and robust campaign to strengthen Ukraine and weaken Russian aggression as the bloody war enters its third month with no abating signs.

Moreover, the proposal includes $3 billion in humanitarian aid, $8.5 billion in economic assistance, and over $20 billion in military assistance. On Thursday, Biden said that it was not cheap. Previously, the United States announced help for Ukrainian forces, and the proposals are a significant bolstering of aid. He also said that the U.S. military assistance for Ukraine amounted to ten anti-tank weapons for every tank Moscow deployed to Ukraine.

However, despite his solid and aggressive language, he said that the United States was not attacking Russia. But they are helping Kyiv defend itself against Russian violence. A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that western military support for Kyiv threatens the security of the region. President Biden addressed his concerns over a nuclear conflict during his Thursday speech.

Nuclear War over Ukraine

Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of Russia, warned Wednesday of the severe risk of nuclear war over Ukraine, which cannot be underestimated. Biden said that no one should be making idle remarks about nuclear weapons use. In addition, the president aimed what he termed Moscow gas blackmail to threaten European energy supplies. Russia announced this week to cut off natural gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland.

He said they would not let Russia threaten or blackmail them out of these sanctions. Furthermore, the U.S. will not allow them to use their oil and gas to avoid outcomes for their aggression. On Thursday, the Bureau of Economic Analysis data revealed that the United States economy shrank in the 1st quarter of 2022, with gross local product falling by 1.4 percent between January and March.

The U.S. Aid Packages for Ukraine

Last week, Joe Biden approved a 2nd $800 million military assistance in as many weeks, along with $500 million in direct economic aid. Additionally, the United States moved instantly to help Ukraine since the Russian aggression started in late February. It includes:

  • Deploying over one hundred thousand troops to NATO member nations in Europe
  • Releasing $3.7 billion in security and military aid
  • Slapping economic sanctions, travel bans, and asset freezes on hundreds of Russian politicians and oligarchs
US President Joe Biden Seeks $33 Billion Aid for Ukraine
US President Joe Biden Seeks $33 Billion Aid for Ukraine
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On Thursday, the White House also planned to make it easier for the United States to take hold and Russian oligarchs’ assets and transfer their proceeds to Ukraine. Western ally nations and European Union member countries have been working together since March to trail the assets of Russian elites, from real estate and artwork to helicopters and yachts.

According to the White House, the United States now sanctioned and barred aircraft and vessels worth more than $1 billion, while the European Union froze more than $30 billion. Yesterday’s sanctions would allow the Biden administration to use the funds from seized assets to remediate the harms of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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