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US President to Send Additional $750m Aid to Ukraine

President Biden’s government is likely to announce another $750 million in weaponry aid for Ukraine

US President Biden to Send Additional $750 Million Aid to Ukraine

The United States government aims to send additional weapons to Ukraine as part of a military assistance package worth $750 million for its fight against Russian troops, two officials familiar with the matter told the international news agency. Moreover, the equipment would be funded using the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA), in which Biden can approve the transfer of services and articles from United States stocks without congressional support in response to an emergency.

A senior congressional advisor said the equipment would likely include heavy ground artillery systems for Ukraine, including howitzers. White House officials denied responding immediately to a request for comment. Last week, the White House said it provided over $1.7 billion in security aid to Ukraine since the 24th February attack on Ukraine that Russia calls a special military operation.

The military aid may include heavy ground artillery systems including howitzer cannons, defensive drones, and suits designed to protect against likely chemical, nuclear or biological attacks. In addition, the aid package will be built around the idea of larger-scale combat and will include advanced weapons to back Ukrainian forces in the eastern Luhansk and Donetsk regions, where Moscow targeted its troops in recent days, officials told NBC News.

Over Thirty Countries Aided Ukraine with Military Assistance

The United States committed over $1.7 billion in military aid to Ukraine since Russia attacked the country on 24th February. On Sunday, Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor, said that the Biden government intends to get Ukraine the weapons it needs to stop Russia from committing what the White House considered war crimes.

US President to Send Additional $750m Aid to Ukraine
US President Biden to Send Additional $750m Aid to Ukraine
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The United States sent thousands of anti-armor and anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine and other supplies such as ammunition, small arms, and medical aid. According to the Pentagon, over thirty nations supplied Ukraine with military assistance. However, no country sent its own troops into Ukraine for the risk of expanding the conflict.

Ukrainian president pressed European and United States leaders to provide heavier equipment and arms to engage Russia in the eastern region of Ukraine, where Russia is likely to intensify its military efforts. On the other hand, the Pentagon will host leaders Wednesday from the top eight United States weapons producers to discuss the industrial capacity to meet Ukrainian weapons needs if the war with Moscow lasts years.

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