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US President to Visit Japan, South Korea in May

President Biden will travel to Japan and South Korea inMay to meet with Japan’s Kishida Fumio and S. Korea’s Yoon Suk Yeol

US President to Visit Japan, South Korea in May

White House officials told CNN that Joe Biden, the President of the United States, will make his first official tour to Asia as president in May, visiting Japan and South Korea from 20th May to 24th May. His trip underscores his commitment to the region even as global attention is aimed at the crisis in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the official said that the president would hold bilateral meetings with each country’s leader. President Biden will meet Korean President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol on 10th May on his inauguration day, and afterward, he will meet Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Biden has also planned to meet the leaders of India and Australia in Tokyo.

Jen Psaki, the United States Press Secretary, stated that the president’s trip was meant to deepen further the U.S. ties with the leaders, economies, and people. It will also advance the Biden government’s solid commitment to an open and free Indo-Pacific, and the United States accord alliances with Japan and Korea.

North Korea’s Wave of Weapons Tests and Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The recent craze of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to test nuclear weapons worried the United States officials because it demonstrated continued threats of the hermit kingdom. This week, during a massive military parade, Kim Jong pledged to strengthen and develop his nuclear forces at the maximum speed.

US President Joe Biden to Visit Japan, South Korea Next Month
US President Joe Biden to Visit Japan, South Korea Next Month
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At the same time, Biden’s four-day trip to Asia comes at a critical time when he seeks to keep the United States, and its allies united against the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine and growing civilian killings. The U.S. president stressed that he believes the American alliances in the Indo-Pacific are critical to upholding a rules-based order worldwide.

Last month, President Biden spoke with Yoon, a former fundamentalist prosecutor, on the phone call after he won the South Korean election to replace exiting President Moon Jae In. Both leaders discussed the threats regarding the North Korean nuclear and missile programs and global issues such as Coronavirus and climate change.

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