Home Updates US Rocket System Supply Add Fuel to War Fire – Russia

US Rocket System Supply Add Fuel to War Fire – Russia

Moscow has sharply criticized President Biden’s decision to send high-tech medium-range weapon systems and munitions to the Ukrainian military

United States Rockets Supplies Add Fuel to War Fire – Russia

After President Biden’s announcement to provide Ukraine with new long-range missiles, Russia accused the United States of trying to prolong the war in the country. Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, said Washington was deliberately fueling the fire with its delivery. He added that such supplies would not encourage the Ukrainian leadership to resume peace talks. Similarly, Germany Pledged to send a system for air defense to Ukraine.

In a statement to parliament, Olaf Scholz said Germany had the most advanced air defense system to defend an entire city against Russian air attacks. Sergei Lavrov, foreign minister of Russia, said Biden’s announcement increased the risk of a third country getting involved in the conflict. Now, Ukrainian troops will be able to strike enemy forces more precisely with these missiles.

Before this, the Biden administration had refused to provide the weapons because of concerns that they could be used to achieve targets in Russia, but Ukraine assured the US that won’t happen. A diplomatic solution will be made more likely with the lethal aid, Biden said on Wednesday. However, a senior US official said four HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems) would be included in the new package.

Range of New Long-range Missiles

Dr. Colin H Kahl, Undersecretary for Defense, said these are precision-guided systems with extended range. “As a result, these systems will be beneficial for high-value targets, which will provide the ability to relieve some of the pressure on Ukrainian forces on the front,” he said. Furthermore, the system launched missiles can hit targets as far away as seventy kilometers (45 miles) – far more than can be achieved by Ukrainian artillery. Their accuracy is also better than that of their Russian counterparts.

US Rocket System Supply Add Fuel to War Fire – Russia
US Rocket System Supply Add Fuel to War Fire – Russia
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According to White House officials, Rockets will only be provided after the White House assurance that the missiles will not be used against targets inside Russia. Biden wrote that the United States wouldn’t send rocket systems capable of striking Russia to Ukraine. Newsmax reported that Zelensky confirmed this in an interview. However, the Ukrainian president said that his country is not interested in what is happening in Moscow. However, his government is only interested in Ukrainian territory.

White House officials said that the latest rocket system would be the cornerstone of a $700 million (£556 million) support package for Ukraine that will be officially revealed later Wednesday. Tactical vehicles, anti-tank weapons, helicopters, and spare parts are also included in the eleventh package of U.S.-approved weaponry aid for Ukraine since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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