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US visa applicants banned under Trump ‘Muslim ban’ can reapply

According to the State Department statement on Monday, most United States visa applicants who were denied because of the travel ban from the former President Donald Trump administration on thirteen mostly Muslim-majority and African countries can submit new applications or seek new decisions. Joe Biden, the President of the U.S., upturned Trump’s so-called Muslim ban on 20th January, his first day in office. Biden called it a stain on the national conscience in his announcement.

Ned Price, the spokesperson of a State Department, said that applicants with refused visa applications before 20th January 2020 must submit new applications for visas and pay a new application fee to the department. Whereas those applicants denied on or after 20th January 2020 may seek review without re-submitting their applications. They also don’t need to pay additional fees.

Similarly, before the current fiscal year, candidates selected in the diversity visa lottery barred by American law from being issued country visas if they didn’t receive them already, Price said. The diversity visa lottery intends to accept migrants from nations that usually not granted many visas. Since December 2017, after a reviewed version of the original travel ban sustained by the United States Supreme Court, some forty thousand people banned from entering the country under the ban, according to the statistics from the State Department.

US visa applicants banned under Trump ‘Muslim ban’ can reapply

Countries faced travel ban at the end of Trump’s Presidency

Trump’s government added some countries and dropped others from the ban list. Before leaving office, the former president also extended the ban of immigrants until 31st March 2021. At the end of his presidency, the ban comprised Libya, Somalia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Iran, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Syria, Eritrea, North Korea, Venezuela, Kyrgyzstan, and Somalia.

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