Home Updates US will Completely Leave Afghanistan on 31st August – Biden

US will Completely Leave Afghanistan on 31st August – Biden

US will Completely Leave Afghanistan on 31st August – Biden

On Thursday, Joe Biden, the President of the U.S., said that the United States military and its allies’ operation in Afghanistan would end on 31st August, delivering a passionate argument for exiting the approximately twenty-year war without sacrificing several American lives even as it directly acknowledged mission completed in the country and it’s the moment to celebrate.

The president pushed back against the concept the United States mission failed but also noted that it remains not likely the government would control all of Afghanistan after America leaves. Furthermore, he urged the government of Afghanistan as well as the Taliban to come to the peace accord. From the East Room of the White House, Biden said that they didn’t go to Afghanistan to build a nation. Instead, Afghan leaders should come together and drive toward a constructive future.

In recent days, the administration wanted to end the conflict as a decision that U.S. President made after concluding it is an unwinnable war and one that doesn’t have a military solution. On Thursday, the president augmented the defense of his decision even as the Taliban make instant advances in essential swaths of the nation.

Biden vowed that he would not send another American Generation into Afghan War

While responding to those calling for the United States to extend the military operation in Afghanistan, he said, how many more thousands of American sons and daughters are you willing to risk? Further, he added that he would not send another American generation to war in Afghanistan, with no sensible expectation of achieving a different consequence.

The latest extraction date from Afghanistan comes after former American President Donald Trump’s government negotiated an agreement with the Taliban to end the United States military mission by 1st March. After taking power, Biden announced that American troops would be out of the twentieth anniversary of the 11th September 2001 terrorist attack, which al-Qaida commander Osama bin Laden plotted from Afghanistan, where he received refuge from the Taliban.

Biden announced to Completely Leave Afghanistan on 31st August
Biden announced to Completely Leave Afghanistan on 31st August
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With American and NATO ally forces instantly drawing down in the past week, there was mounting speculation that U.S. fighting operations already effectively ended. However, by setting 31st August as the drawdown date, the government nodded to the reality that the long war is in its concluding phase while providing itself some bolster to handle the pending matters.

Joe Biden said that prolonging United States military involvement, considering the former president Trump already agreed to the withdrawal of United States troops, would increase attacks on U.S. troops and NATO allies. The president said that the Taliban resumed attacks on American forces. This week U.S. and allied forces vacated Afghan Bagram Airfield, the key airbase that America used during the war to hunt down al-Qaida perpetrators.

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