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Vice President faced Pressure to visit Mexico-US border

Kamala Harris faced huge pressure to visit the US-Mexico border, as she is facing a record migration spike on her first overseas trip

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the U.S., faced huge pressure to visit the United States-Mexico border, as she is facing a record migration spike on her first official trip after taking the oath. News anchor asked Harris why she hadn’t gone to the southern boundary of the U.S. Members of the Democratic party attacked Harris after she warned against illegal migration.

Around one lac seventy-eight, thousand unregistered immigrants arrived at the U.S. border this April, the highest total number of immigrants in more than two decades. Furthermore, Harris’ staff initially stated that the border was part of the portfolio of the vice president when Joe Biden assigned her a leading role to stem migration from Latin America. However, supporters were recently seeking to distance Harris from the politically toxic crisis.

Whereas the latest public polling suggests a generally promising view of the Biden government’s policies on the coronavirus pandemic and economy, but its handling of the migration crisis proved less popular. News anchor asked Harris during an interview on NBC News whether she had any plans to visit the border; she replied that she would visit the border and never told the exact time.

When the anchor mentioned that she hadn’t visited the region, she said that she has not been to Europe and does not understand what the host was asking. Vice president said that Biden government would try to one place and so it’s solved. Reporters pressed her on Tuesday in Mexico on why she wouldn’t visit the border, and she replied that she visited the border when she was a senator for California.

Kamala Harris Met Leaders of Guatemala and Mexico

The U.S. vice president’s remarks came at the end of the two-day official visit to Guatemala and Mexico to meet leaders of both nations in an effort to boost diplomatic bonds and help stem unregistered migration to America. Concluding her on Tuesday, Harris met Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of Mexico, privately for more than sixty minutes.

It is not clear whether the vice president pushed the Mexican president to make further efforts to detain migrants traveling to the United States. A left-wing leader López Obrador previously blamed the Biden government for causing the record surge in unregistered immigration.

One Harris’s aide later said she promised $130 million in United States aid to support laborers’ rights in Mexico. She already promised $310 million to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and hurricanes 2020 in Central America. On Tuesday, reporters asked Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki at the White House that why Harris did not visit the United-Mexico boundary.

Psaki said that the vice president might visit the border at some point. Moreover, the focus of the issues shifted to broader bilateral issues in Mexico: security cooperation, economy, and development plans for Central America and southern Mexico. However, migration remains the dominant concern for the Biden government.

Vice President faced Pressure to visit Mexico-US border
Vice President faced Pressure to visit Mexico-US border
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Why are Fellow Democratic Leaders Criticizing Harris?

Critics said the remarks of Harris in Guatemala opposed the promise of the Biden government to usher in a more humanitarian approach to migration. Harris warned the illegal migrants, don’t come, don’t come. If you come to the United States border, the security officials at the border turned you back. While running for the presidency in 2019, Kamala Harris criticized then-president Trump for turning way unregistered migrants at the border.

The Vice president’s latest comments on Monday provided fodder for the leaders of the Republican party, but her remarks also provoked criticism from the left-wing of Democrats, her own party. The influential New York City congresswoman of the Democratic Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, called Harris’s remarks disappointing.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that seeking asylum at the American border is a hundred percent legal procedure of arrival. Further, she adds that the United States spent several years contributing to destabilization in Latin America and government change.

Fellow members of the Squad – her ultraliberal group also lambasted the vice president, who is herself the daughter of migrants – a Jamaican-born father and an Indian-born mother.

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