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What Challenges to face Joe Biden in 2021?

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, will become a private citizen in the ending days of this month. However, because of the divisive and democracy-tainting term of Trump, his successor President-elect Joe Biden might be tested more than any new American President since the 1930s. The pile of crises that the new leader inherits in this new year could shadow the Great Depression-era threat to capitalism confronting former U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. The worthless partisan fury of the United States means Biden has only the thinnest paths of forging successful policy responses to the big problems of America.

What will Biden face in 2021?

Coronavirus Pandemic

The worst health crisis i-e., COVID-19, in almost a century, is still taunting out of control. Moreover, there are already indications that the failed response of the Trump administration to the COVID-19 being replicated by a failure to plan for the distribution and administration of the vaccine. The political fate of Biden relies on finding a way to immediately increase the manufacture and handling of hundreds of millions of vaccine doses, in the most complex logistical operation in generations.

The country’s Economy

Millions of American nationals are now jobless, and the extensive spread of the coronavirus threatens to drop the economy back into an abyss. The latest U.S. relief bill extending unemployment protections by helping small businesses and staving off removals is only a temporary solution. Furthermore, the willingness of Republicans to resist the president on $2000 stimulus payments suggests how tough it will be for Biden to force Congress into agreeing to his own massive stimulus plan – one critical to igniting development, vaccinating the mass, and getting kids back in school.

A Febrile Political Mix

Republican Party performed better than expected in the November elections and made advantages in the House of Representatives, encouraging them to form a barrier to the ambitious plans of Biden on issues such as climatic change. The president-elect will have to convince GOP representatives to work with him. However, he may be the only person in Washington who thinks Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP Leader might actually allow it.

The United States Political Legitimacy

The malicious lie of Donald Trump that he won success in an election he actually lost has spread through the voters of Republican. It is an instant challenge for Biden’s appeals for unity and an ultimate national effort to combat the pandemic that includes wearing face masks – which several conservatives see as a breach of personal liberty. In addition, every step of Biden will be misrepresented by a conservative media machine still loyal to Trump.

A Hostile Supreme Court

If Joe Biden faces difficulties to get great legislation through Congress in 2022, he will seek to use comprehensive executive power. However, the new Trump-planned conservative-majority Supreme Court already revealed an allergy to the new climate, civil rights reform, and business, and will likely restrict the power of the new President.

The world is waiting for Biden

It will be easy for Biden to signal that “the United States is back” – especially when he recommits America to the Paris climate accord. However, the world changed heavily since he left the vice president’s office almost four years ago. The 1980s called and want its foreign policy back because of aggressive resentment from Russia. Likewise, Biden faces a tense opposition with China as well as serious complications in reviving the nuclear deal of Iran. Fixing what several critics see as the strategic damage of the Trump years could take his whole term while the rest of the world wonders about the staying power of America.

What Challenges to face Joe Biden in 2021
What Challenges to face Joe Biden in 2021
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Restive Democrats

The President-elect also faces a crisis racial crisis in the country. Biden assembled the most diverse-ever Cabinet, but that’s tough to settle the national estimation on race and policing that started the previous summer and honor several African American voters who helped him gain power. His slight space for the political moves will likely more frustrate progressives who want huge government action on healthcare issues.

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