CBSN is a CBS operated news station that launched on Nov 6, 2014. The online news service is available through and mobile apps. It can also be accessed though digital media player devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku. Since Sep 21, 2015, some of the CBSN programs are recreated on the CBS network as part of CBS Overnight News. It mainly gets content form CBS News along with other CBS-owned services. Different CBS personalities host much of the content during daytime. Apart form CBS content, the channel broadcasts breaking news, live events and also serves as timeshift channel as it provides some content on a short delay. CBSN was primary built to get the attention of younger audiences by allowing them linear stream and on-demand segments.


CBS News was launched on Nov 6, 2014 however, the launch of the channel was earlier speculated by BuzzFeed in Oct 2013; a CBS spokesperson later confirmed the news and revealed that company was looking for partners. Amid different rumors in the beginning, The News York Times broke the formation of an all-news radio which proved to be wrong at the end. It furthered said that the pre-recorded content would be combined with regular live news stories. Leslie Moonves in May 2014 in an interview with Bloomberg Television recognized that the company was planning and working to launch a service. He described it as an alternative to the general cable news. Moonves said that the information they receive is too big in size to cover in a 22-miute newscast.

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The name CBSN was revealed for the first time by Capital New York in Oct 2014. The newspaper further reported that it would the content would be broadcasted from an informal setting and that a video player with playlist on sidebar would make the interface. CBS Interactive President Jim Lanzone in Nov 2014 announced the official launch of CBNSN. David Rhodes, CBS News President talking to media explain that their service would not be competing with the traditional television media but would create an independent platform that would suit tablets, smartphones and other devices. The plan was also to cater the needs of younger viewers who would normally not subscribe to a pay television service. The service differs from the CNN introduced CNNGo as it doesn’t not require the user to subscribe or authentic before using and this was done purposefully to retain the audience. and Microsoft were the initial partners of CBSN in advertising. CBS Sports HQ was the next service launched after the success of CBSN.


The programming of the channel includes CBS Morning News, CBS Sports, CBS Evening News, CBS Weekend News, CNET, Face the Nation and others. You can watch latest US, World News, Sports and Entertainment programming Health and tech programs online. Follow the channel on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Here is the website: