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CNN International is the international sister of CNN U.S. and a pay TV that follows around the world in more than 212 countries. The channel is sourced by its domestic sibling through its national and international bureaus. Opposite to CNN domestic’s limited reach through a US-only subscription, it reaches to a diverse audience through multiple digital and web-based platforms.

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Launched on Sep 1, 1985 with a purpose to serve American business travelers checking in hotels, The first studio of the channel was unveiled in Techwood building which was housing all of the Ted Turner’s broadcasting facilities at that time. The building today has in it Turner Studios Complex and headquarters entertainment channels. The existing studios in the building were shifted to the alternate locations in the CNN Center. On July 4, 1997, the channel was decorated with Liberty Medal. Receiving the honor Ted Turner in his acceptance speech uttered: “My idea was, we’re just going to give people the facts… We didn’t have to show liberty and democracy as good, and show socialism or totalitarianism as bad. If we just showed them both the way they were … clearly everybody’s going to choose liberty and democracy.”

Mid 90s to 2006

To instate a more international look, a globe was added to the logo in place of “International” making it more creative and less Americanised; the rebranding initiative was taken by Morgan Almeida, the creative director in 1995. International locations covered in time-lapse, creation of new channel idents and news brand were part of the rebranding.

Overhauling in 2006-2009

As part of revamping in 2006, the ticker was substituted with a flipper, on-screen graphics were improved and studios were refurbished. The award-winning creative vision of Mark Wright after the adoption of “lower-thirds” produced a more clean and modern design. The channel was disseminated across US overnights and on weekends through CNNfn until the closure of the latter in Dec 2004.

Going Beyond Borders

More programming was introduced for primetime European viewers including Amanpour titled after Christiane Amanpour and World One. With a new logo, a new tagline “Go Beyond Borders” was launched on Sep 21 2009. The multiple newscasts: World News, World News Asia, World News Europe and Your World Today were submerged into a World Report. The tagline signified a pro-pluralist stance echoing its diversity backed by numerous content-producing platforms. A new production channel was launched in Abu Dhabi on Jan 11, 2009 as the new primetime lineup and revamped graphics seemed insufficient to compete with Qatar’s Al Jazeera. New half-hourly shows were launched alongside Prism which targeted Middle Eastern audiences.

The regional versions of the station include Hong Kong based CNNI Asia Pacific, UK based CNNI for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Atlanta based CNNI Latin America, Abu Dhabi based CNNI Middle East, Atlanta based, CNNI North America and New Delhi based CNNI South Asia.


CNN has showed its concerns over the control of Chinese government over its transmissions in the country. The Chinese authorities have green signal to the international station after an agreement that would see CNN use Chinese-controlled satellite. This allows the Mandarin Republic to clampdown and censor anything objectionable to the government. While available in certain diplomatic compounds, particular blocks and hotels the channel easy and open to mainland China.

Simulcasts shared between the Local and International Versions

CNNI unlike its early days reduced borrowing content from CNN U.S., however, it has started to get the feeds from the domestic sibling as of mid-2017 with a number of programs including Anderson Cooper 360°, The Lead with Jake Tapper, CNN Tonight, CNN Special Investigations Unit documentaries (selected ones), Sunday editions of Inside Politics, Fareed Zakaria GPS, State of Union, Reliable Sources and others. During the simulcast the ticker and timepiece of CNN U.S. are subbed by those of CNNI, however the logo of the main channel remains referring to the programming source.

Apart from the weekly programming, newscasts are also borrowed from the CNN/U.S. e.g. in reporting the death and funeral of late President Ronald Reagan, Crash of Continental Airlines Flight 3407, the attempted bombing of Flight 253 on Christmas Day, coverage of US Elections and other scheduled events etc.

High Definition

After the availability of CNN U.S. in High definition in 2010, CNNI HD launched on Jane 28, 2016 is available for Sky subscribers in United Kingdom on CH 506 or 579.

Online Availability  

The online portal of the channel was launched on Aug 30, 1995, the site over the year has experienced as much growth as the channel and is today one of the most popular source of digital news with blogs, user-generated content and social-supported-stuff. An improved version of CNN was launched on Oct 24, 2009 with the addition of sign up as part of the revamp. A YouTube channel of CNN is also available but its videos can only be accessed by the United States visitors. A wire service: CNN Wire is also maintained by the station.


CNNI has bureaus in United States and Worldwide including a number of Original ones in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., New York City, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, New Delhi, Jakarta, Johannesburg and Shanghai.