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NewsLive.com is established with aim in mind for connecting people around the world with latest news channels in their native language. Anyone can watch their preferred news, anytime , anywhere in the world by simply switching to our website. We made a platform free for everyone.Our goal is to bring news free for everyone. We are happy to see appreciation emails from disabled people and senior citizens who find easy to watch news with us without any tech knowledge.
the content on the site comes under fair use policy, no copyright infringement is intended , still if you find any copyrighted material posted by our user , inform us by writing to us a  DMCA complaint email notice, we will be happy to remove the content and ban the repeated infringer.

NewsLive.com is a website that provides live streaming of news channels worldwide. It offers various news channels covering topics such as politics, business, entertainment, sports, and more.
The website features news channels from different countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany, among others. Some popular news channels on NewsLive.com include CNN, BBC News, Fox News, Sky News, Al Jazeera English, and CNBC, among others.
In addition to live-streaming news channels, NewsLive.com also offers news articles, breaking news alerts, and a section for trending news stories. The website is free to use and requires no registration or subscription fees.
Overall, NewsLive.com is a valuable resource for those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news from around the world and access live news channels from different countries in one place.

Our News Channels Platform now supports most of the devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad and all Android Smartphones and Tablets.We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our news platform.

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