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CNBC standing for Consumer News & Business Channel owned by the NBC Universal, a domain of NBC Universal Television Group is an American cable & Satellite business news channel. CNBC live stream covers programs and also provide coverage to the international business news and updates of the global financial markets. The channel with its sisters and siblings has a reach to the 390 million viewers around the world. CNBC America was ranked the 19th most appreciated and valued channel in the USA with a worth of approximately USD4 billion.

CNBC is one of the most watched business cable news channel in the United States. The channel broadcasts business news on weekdays between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Talk shows, investigative reporting, documentaries, reality programs, and other programming are shown at different times. It is one of three major business channels, along with Fox Business Television and Bloomberg Television. The channel is also available on a mobile app and website, which allows users to watch CNBC live streaming media. Some content, however, is only accessible to paid subscribers. CNBC content can be accessed on demand via smart speakers, including Amazon Echo devices and Amazon Alexa. Google Home devices and apps with Google Assistant are also available. On-demand podcasts are available for many CNBC live programs. Magoo 3D Studios, a Swedish company, creates the graphics for the channel.

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The channel is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The news media is available to 96,242,000 households in the States, Channel is also available as CNBC live stream free.

CNBC is a popular channel for the business community for several reasons:

  1. Comprehensive coverage: CNBC provides an extensive range of global financial markets, including real-time market data, business news, and analysis. This makes it a valuable resource for investors and traders looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the business world.
  2. Expert analysis: CNBC interviews prominent business leaders, analysts, and economists who provide insights and opinions on market trends and economic issues. These perspectives help investors make informed decisions about their investments.
  3. Specialized programming: this business news channel has a range of specialized programming that caters to different segments of the business community. For example, its “Mad Money” program focuses on investment strategies, while its “Squawk Box” program covers global financial news.
  4. Online resources: CNBC has a solid online presence with a website and mobile app that provide real-time market data, news articles, and videos. This makes it easy for users to access financial information from anywhere.

CNBC live is a trusted financial news and analysis source, making it a favorite channel for the business community.

Some of the popular CNBC shows are following

  1. “Squawk Box”: A morning news and talk show that covers the latest business and financial news, featuring interviews with business leaders, politicians, and market experts.
  2. “Mad Money with Jim Cramer”: Hosted by Jim Cramer, this show provides investment advice and analysis of individual stocks and market trends.
  3. “Fast Money”: A program that focuses on trading and investing, discussing current market events and strategies.
  4. “The Profit”: A reality TV show where entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis invests in struggling small businesses and helps turn them around.
  5. “Shark Tank”: While not originally a CNBC show, it aired reruns of this popular reality TV series where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of wealthy investors (sharks), its one of the most watched and interesting tv show of cnbc.
  6. “Power Lunch”: A mid-day news program that covers the latest developments in business, economics, and the markets.
  7. “American Greed”: A documentary-style series that delves into various cases of corporate fraud, white-collar crime, and scams.
  8. “The Exchange”: A business news show that provides in-depth coverage of market and economic news, as well as interviews with industry experts.
  9. “The Closing Bell”: A late-afternoon show that recaps the day’s market activity and business news.
  10. “Options Action”: A program focused on options trading strategies and analysis.

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