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CNN (Cable News Network) is a US-based cable news network and one of the largest news organizations in the world. It was made possible in 1980 by Ted Turner and has since become a significant source of news and information for viewers in the US and worldwide.
The network has a large team of correspondents and journalists who report on breaking news stories and provide analysis and commentary on current events.
In addition to its television programming, CNN has a solid online presence and is known for its digital news platform, including its website, mobile apps, and social media channels. NewsLive provide breaking news alerts, cnn live stream free, a wide range of news and feature articles, and original programming and content.

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Watching CNN on NewsLive (ex LiveNewsNow) is easy and fun; the player will load the live stream automatically within a few seconds.

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MSNBC on the other hand, has a more liberal-leaning political perspective and often focuses on political news and analysis. MSNBC and CNN programming includes a mix of news and opinion shows, and its hosts and contributors are known for their strong viewpoints on political issues.

Ultimately, the choice of which news network to watch depends on your personal preferences and the type of news coverage you are interested in. It’s important to remember that all news networks have their own biases and perspectives, and it’s up to the viewer to critically evaluate and analyze the information presented.

So far the major events covered by the channel include challenger disaster –the subsequent explosion of space Shuttle Challenger resulting in deaths of seven members of agency. The coverage and reporting during the Gulf War along with the “Big Three” i.e. ABC, NBC & CBS is also something largely accredited for as the first channel to bring straightly communicate from the just invaded Iraq. The bombing reports & live news form the war hit territory was broken by the channel at outset.The September 11 attacks were also been reported by the channel at first than any other media house. The Anchor Lin was the first to appear on the television sets all over the America & report the tragic incident. The Presidential elections of 2008 & 2012; campaigns, debates and cnn live streaming from the states are also to be included in the major stories covered.

Owner Turner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)
Launch 1st June 1980
Country USA
Language English
Broadcast area United States Canada Worldwide via CNN international
Slogan Go There This is CNN
Head quarters CNN Center, Atlanta (Georgia)
Sister channels International CNN-IBN Airport CNN Türk CNNenEspañol HLN Chile TNT Turner Classic Movies Cartoon Network Boomerang TruTV TBS
Website www.cnn.com



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Bell TV (Canada) 500 (SD) 1578 (HD)
Shaw Direct (Canada) 140/500 (SD) 257/331 (HD)
SKY PerfecTV! (South Korea) 679 (HD)
SkyLife (Japan) 98 (HD)


Verizon FiOS 600 (HD) 60 (SD)

Satellite Radio

Sirius (US) 132
XM (US) 122


AT & T U-Verse 1202 (HD) 202 (SD)
Century Link (US) 1202 (HD) 202 (SD)
CenturyLink Prism (US) 500 (HD) 1500 (SD)
Bell Fiber TV (Canada) 101 (HD)

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