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The rolling hour news media established and located in West Jakarta is diversely developed Indonesian 24×7 news channel, supplying feeds and programming related to current affairs, lifestyle, sports, weather, entertainment and others. The race of being global was started when PT. Media Televisi – subsidiary of Media Group, got licensed at the end of 1999.

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More About Metro TV

Surya Paloh with tons of experience in the media and broadcasting is the owner of METRO TV and is always at leading front to cope with the challenges faced by the 21st century media industry. Metro TV over the period of time has grown with the rapid pace replacing 280 employees of the start up to a staff that is more than 1200 people now. Media Indonesia, the third largest paper in the print media of county is also the subsidiary of the same group. Metro was launched on November 24, 2000 simultaneously in seven cities of the Indonesian peninsula. Until April 2001, the on-air space for broadcast was 12 hours a day, thereafter; the 24 hour format was brought in to forge the new nets in the indigenous TV of state. The hard work so far has paid and contributed well to its dominance in the news sector. Besides the content provided in Indonesian and Chinese Metro TV has been ushering the national and international audiences with the English language programs like World News, Talk Indonesia, and Indonesia Now. Metro has groomed itself from a specialty channel to a more diverse and multi-broadcast TV covering news satires, tech, music, lifestyle and cultural programming.

About Metro


Owner Media Group
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian and Chinese
Launch November 25, 2000
Slogan Knowledge to Elevate
Broadcast area Indonesia


Berani Jadi Miliarder
Spiritual Executive 1
Suara Anda
One Fine Day
Sentilan Sentilun
Ayo Cari Tahu
Segelas Cerita Keluarga Kusuma
Sudut Pandang
Economic Challenges
Penantang Terakhir
Face to Face
Dialog Perbankan & Ekonomi
Spirit Football
Memilih Wakil Rakyat
Stand Up Comedy Show
Metro Realitas
Metro Highlight
Mario Teguh:The Golden Ways
Gaya Hidup Masa Depan
Eagle Documentary Series
Top News
Bangun Baja Bagi Negeri
Melawan Lupa
Tea Time with Desi Anwar
Just Alvin
1000 Meter
8 Eleven Show
Forum Indonesia
DPR Baru Idamanku
Bincang Pagi
Young on Top
Lawan Bicara
Primetime News
Channel Japan
Mata Najwa
Live Event
Ayo Bersuara
Indonesia Now
Editorial MI Video
Jalan-jalan Asyik
Kick Andy
Indonesia Memilih TV



StarHub Cable TV TBA
TelkomVision TBA
First Media Channel 7


Surabaya 56 UHF
Digital 32 (UHF) DVB-T2
Bali 39 UHF
West Java 25 UHF


Aora TV Channel 903
Indovision Channel 92

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Official http://video.metrotvnews.com/streaming/
MIVO TV http://www.mivo.com/#/metrotv


TalkTalk Plus TV Channel 482