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Al Jazeera English is mainstream 24 hour news & current affairs channel and English sister of the Al Jazeera (Arabic) – the first brand launched by Al Jazeera Media Network. The ruling house “House of Thani” funds the network and has ownership to it. The channel shouldn’t be mistaken as Al Jazeera America- the American domain of the group. The stories particularly form Middle-East, Africa and rest of the continents including news, current affairs talks, debates, documentaries, sports feeds, technology and business are broadcasted in high-definitions. The first ever English Channel headquartered in the Arab dominated gulf region is a voicing the regional and global perspectives to over one billion English speakers while viewing issues through a Middle-Eastern frame.

The channel is decentralized with its management based in London and Doha. The channel came up with four news centers sharing broadcasts from Doha, Kuala Lumpur, Washington, D.C. and London. The news bulletins launched from Washington DC and Kuala Lumpur were ceased in 2012 and 2011. The agencies of the Al Jazeera are one of the few media outlets having representations in besieged Gaza and Harare. The global news brand truly focuses on the stories of the developing and underdeveloped regions around the world. The circulation of information and setting the news agenda (unbiased and objective) for the viewers and observers is critically maintained by the network. The fearless journalism is giving birth to alternative news network in the West and East. (mnspas) The investigative unit and documentaries are the best part of the network that exerts a pull on million of audiences all over the world.

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More About Al Jazeera

Owner Al Jazeera Media Network
Network Al Jazeera
Launch 15 November 2006
Country Qatar
Language English
Broadcast area Worldwide
Slogan “Setting The News Agenda” “Every Story, Every Side” “Hear The Human Story”
Headquarters Doha, Qatar
Sister channels Al Jazeera Arabic Al Jazeera America Al Jazeera Balkans Al Jazeera Turk AJ+
Website Al Jazeera English


The Frost Interview
Africa Investigates
Fault Lines
101 East
Counting the Cost
Talk to Al Jazeera
Head to Head
Listening Post
The Stream
Special Series
Inside Story
The Café
The Fabulous Picture Show
Al Jazeera Investigates
People & Power
Innovate Africa

Team (Anchors, Correspondents, Presenters)

Veronica Pedrosa
Ash-har Quraishi
Lucia Newman
Jacob Ward
Wab Kinew
Jennifer Glasse
Step Vaessen
Casey Kauffman
Phil Lavelle
Alan Fisher
Malika Bilal
Roxana Saberi
Rob Reynolds
Melissa Chan
Barnaby Phillips
Steve Chao
John Henry Smith
Shamim Chowdhury
Sebastian Walker
Shihab Rattansi
Josh Rushing
Maryam Nemazee
Anita McNaught
Haru Mutasa
David Chater
Julie MacDonald
Zeina Khodr
Lauren Taylor
Darren Jordon
Veronica Pedrosa
Shiulie Ghosh
Richard Angwin
Neave Barker
Hoda Abdel-Hamid
Barbara Serra
Kamahl Santamaria
Steff Gaulter
Andy Richardson
Richard Gizbert
Robin Forestier-Walker
Jacky Rowland
Jamal Elshayyal
Felicity Barr
Rob Matheson
Divya Gopalan
Yvonne Ndege
Dorothy Parvaz
Fauziah Ibrahim
Peter Greste
Sherine Tadros
Adrian Finighan
Shakuntala Santhiran
Jane Dutton
Clayton Swisher
Folly Bah Thibault
Andrew Simmons
Martine Dennis
Sebastian Walker
Everton Fox
Dareen Abughaida
Femi Oke


Kabul, Afghanistan
Naypyidaw, Myanmar
New Delhi, India
Beijing, China
Buenos Aires, Argentina
San Francisco, California
Lima, Perú
Jakarta, Indonesia
São Paulo, Brazil
Denver, Colorado
Caracas, Venezuela
Tokyo, Japan
Nashville, Tennessee
Bangkok, Thailand
Detroit, Michigan
Hong Kong, China
Miami, Florida
Seoul, South Korea
New Orleans, Louisiana
Manila, Philippines
Islamabad, Pakistan
Los Angeles, California
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chicago, Illinois
Mexico City, Mexico
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Kathmandu, Nepal
Dallas, Texas
Kuala Lumpur (Asia-Pacific Headquarters)
Seattle, Washington
Bogotá, Colombia
Sydney, Australia
Toronto, Canada


  The channel since 2006 has won 45 awards and prizes, most recent of which include CINE Golden Eagle Award, Golden Nymph Award, Amnesty International Media Awards, Scripps Howard Jack R. Howard Award, Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards, Peabody Award for coverage of Arab Spring, George Polk Awards, Royal Television society Awards, Webby Awards and a couple other in 2012. Despite detention of its journalists in the Egyptian fields and controversies linked with it the channel is exerting hard and has so far delivered to ensure the freedom of media and press on the lands ruled, for good or bad, by the dictatorships. The 220 million households in more than 100 counties are facilitated by a team of 4000 staffed from 70 different nationalities.