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United States Presidential Elections 2016 Results

United States Presidential Elections 2016 Results

Right now, at this very moment, US President-Elect Trump is addressing the supporters in New York and guess what its a victory speech: Ill be the President for all Americans. The Race for Whitehouse has reached the conclusion and is getting more cheerful, celebrated, intense,gloomy, sad and dont know what with every passing moment among a very polarized American Nation. The campaigns, fundraisers, televised debates, visits, endorsements, blames and harsh talk is over now and it’s time for the long awaited results. Polls yesterday were suggesting a neck and neck competition between the evenly criticized, tried and opposed competitors. As happened in the past, the Swing States, and Electoral College Votes are deciding the final outcome. The focus of the Hillary on the big democratic states New York, Illinois, California and New Jersey is of no avail. The results are that Donald is leading in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and having a very even contest in New Hampshire while Hillary is leading in Maine and Minnesota (with 10 electoral votes currently). GOP candidate has stuck to his message about Immigration, Obama Healthcare, Foreign Policy, Iraq, Libya, ISIS, Joblessness, Debt, Economy etc. and is beating the odds with a significant margin in the states and counties.

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Here is Donald John Trump addressing the Nation from New York City: I Will Not Let You Down

Electoral Map is mocking the Democrats as Trump is winning with 288 to 215 in the long run-race. Clinton HQ at this very time is dominated with a very pensive mood now and scenes are not so good at CNN and other pro-Hillary media outlets silence. Hillary’s minority vote, Hispanics, Muslims, Black Americans, Women vote and other folks at large were not too supporting and of use either and Americans want a real change. The optics strongly suggest that Hillary Clinton is not going to win; sad news for Hillary fans and voters! Folks at Hillary HQ’s are probably not going to hear her tonight. Whether it’s called or not, Hillary has lost the elections and race is over. People that were saying that Donald Trump net worth is still like a successful business man and he came into politics, trump has divided the Republicans now have no choice to accept that this is an incredible uprising form one segment of population; a revolution. The result shocking to many is being celebrated by others and a Republican is set to become the 45th President of the United States. Nobody knows Trump and Hillary Leaks, Benghazi or other bad things about the nastiest Presidential Race and is either celebrating the moment or grieving over it. Donald over to you, it’s all yours. Make America Great Again.

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