HLN is an American Pay Television owned by CNN. It was originally branded as CNN2 before being launched as CNN Headline News to broadcast a 30-minut newscast 24 hours a day. It covered various topics such as news, sports, weather, business programming entertainment and other national news. Things however changed in 2005 when the format was shifted to tabloid and more segments including entertainment news, opinionated programming entered the service.

It started focusing the social news and social media in 2014 but the trend was dropped in 2016 to broadcast traditional news programs. Apart form the mainstream programming it would air true crime content and used resources of Court TV’s programming which had ended broadcasting. It as of July 2015 is available to at least 97 million American households in US and is among the most distributed American subscription service. It has been available internationally on Pay TV services in Asia, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa and Canada.

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HLN was launched as CNN2 on Jan 1, 1982; the launch was simulcast nationwide on sister services and Superstation WBS which it later simply TBS, however, it had not made any agreements with the cable providers to carry the station and only preview for cable providers was allowed. A preview reel as run by Lou Waters which was also participated by Broadcasting CEO Ted-Turner and anchor Denise LeClair.

Originally, the programming was built around the idea that viewer could play it at any time of day or night. The viewers would receive up-to-date news and info programming in just 30 minutes. The headline news wheel consists of national and world news, business and finance reports, sports scores and headlines. In January of the next year, the channel was rebranded as Headline News. It was often called HN form 1992 onwards. The changed block design logo was introduced in 1989.HN got its first competitor in its first year when ABC launched Satellite News Channel. The ABC and Group W channel was shut down after just one year on Oct 27, 1983. Ted Turner bought the slot used by Satellite to expand its channel’s reach.

Death of President George H.W. Bush

Death news of former President George H.W. Bush was a major event in the history of HLN as it created a hoax in United States when anchor Don Harrison read the news at 9:45 am on Jan 8, 1992.

2001 re-launch

A revamp was introduced on Aug 6, 2001, the network changed its on-air formatting and slogan. A large ticker was introduced at the bottom to display headlines. A new studio and multi-anchor format were also introduced to make the change prominent. The new design and format were implemented to attract the younger audiences ignored by the others. A new news-block Headline Prime was created in Feb 2005, it was made to broadcast opinion and personality-based content.

2013-2015 Going Social

Viral videos program Right This Minute and news stories and popular content from social media sites was brought in. However, the changings culminated in Jan 2015 when a major shift was made in the programming and on-air presentation. A couple of new social media sourced programs entered the scene but couldn’t get much success and were over removed.

2016-present: HLN is currently working with a more of general news approach with a focus on true crime programming.

Distribution: Headline News is available on airports, bars, public locations, supermarkets and other areas. Internationally the service can be watched in Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Latin America.

Audiences can watch HLN online for latest news and videos. Follow the station on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.edition.cnn.com/specials/videos/hln