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Ariana TV or ATN is a privately owned 24×7 Afghani news channel based in Kabul with bureaus in Dubai and New Jersey. The television was launched on August 17, 2005. Ariana, owned by Ehsanullah Bayat is third most popular private media in the country. After the fall of Taliban and Al Qaida and the buildup of legitimate Afghan government, the country needed an independent and strong media.

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More About Ariana

During the reign of President Hamid Karzai most of the printed media, audio and visual media specially online journalism had significantly begun its activities in Afghanistan, Ariana TV also began its activities since last year after the Bayat Media Center got into the Afghanistan media family, Araina is among the very first private stations to contribute and strengthen the freedom of journalism. The TV channel has in a very short time pushed its professional efforts while observing the national interests and has opened for others to have their share. The channel inaugurated by President Karzai has positioned itself among the leading and impartial content providers in the country fighting against radicalism and terrorism of the worst kind. The Afghani citizens and expatriates far from the country always have the channel tuned in their homes and locations. The twelve-hours of live broadcasting programs during a day have some healthy donation to growth of visual media in the country hit by violence and unrest. Ariana starts its day with“Aghaz Rooz” which may be called a sort of morning news bulletin. Second program is Pashtu News providing the latest show, on-air presenter talks with experts and contributors on latest developments on political, military, cultural and economical grounds. The Dari News program for the audiences in northern regions covers the same developments in their language. Zerbena an economical program follows the course and after that there is short Dari news being telecast live from Ariana-He-rat unit.The Central Studio BMC, Kabul broadcasts the 6:00 pm news in Pashto followed by a program called Negarish; the political talk show comes between the 6:00 pm Pashto and 08:00 PM Dari news and then there is another program Pas Az Khabar till 9:00 pm. Nukhbagan and Zerbena have a great followership in the country which is evident on the social handles YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Beside social networks, Ariana also has the online http://www.arianatelevision.com and radio facility of the TV. The channel with audience share of 20% is committed to struggle and walk abreast of the domestic and International media standards.


Owner Ehsan Bayat
Country Afghanistan
Launch August 17, 2005
Language Dari and Pashto
Slogan A Window For Better Tomorrow
Headquarters Kabul
Website http://www.arianatelevision.com


Agaaze Rooz Negaresh Zerbana
Pas az khabar Nukhbagan Sad Roz Dar Arg