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The Nalia Radio and Television (NRT) go back to the days when there were no autonomous and self-regulating media houses in the region. A group of freelance journalists in 2010 came up with the vision of taking a step forward to fill that vacuum and thus launching the first ever self-determining media network, funded and owned by the construction company Nalia. NRT conforms according to the wishes of Kurds in Iraq, Middle East and around the globe. With the latest news, current stories and much more the NRT believes in deep rooted components of national, religious, social, liberal and moral values among the ancient tribe and overall society. NRT has a commitment to stand with pluralism, dialogue, freedom of speech and expression. The opinion is to groom and work for the progress of Kurd society in a legitimate way.

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NRT widely believes in the contemporary tools to fight and stand against the forces of oppression and dictatorship and is thus keen to advocate the democratic right of self-determination of Kurdistan in the most objective way and values. The latest developments, news, current affairs, international stories, sports, weather, regional and cultural stories and updates are broadcasted in a quite a fair approach. The website of the NRT developed by Avesta Group is the online platform for the viewership and followers available in English, Badini and Arabic. The categories of home, Media Center, Columns, Blogs, Kurdistan, Iraq, World, Business and Middle East show no less than any top-rated news website. The online weather updates and temperature meter is another useful tool. The followers can connect with the channel via social plug-ins including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The visitors have the right to comment, like, share, follow and tweet what they like and want. Here is the Website of the TV: http://nrttv.com