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Fox Business Network (FBN)

Owned by the Fox Entertainment Group of 21st Century Fox, the FBN is a Cable & Satellite business news television channel. The news encompasses the major business and finance stories & discussions around the globe. Fox Business Network is the sister channel of Fox News Channel which has its presence in more than 97,186,000 American households making around 85.1% of cable, satellite & telco customers. FBN currently maintains its reach in nearly 75,501,000 households about 66.11% of homes with televisions in the states.Fox Business is One of the most watched and premium business news channel in America.

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The business channel has a strong rivalry with the CNBC & Bloomberg and is there is always a possibility of trading or hiring the staff of those in competitions.

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More About FBN

Owner Fox Entertainment Group (21st Century Fox)
Launch 15th October, 2007
Country USA
Language English
Slogans The Power to ProsperOpportunityPure and Simple
Broadcast range USA & Australia
Sister channels Fox News Channel
Website FoxBusiness.com

Anchors/ hosts

Maria Bartiromo David Asman Charles Payne
Shibani Joshi Liz Claman John Stossel
Neil Cavuto Cheryl Casone Connell McShane
Deirdre Bolton Lori Rothman Lou Dobbs
Dagen McDowell Melissa Francis Stuart Varney
Tom Sullivan Gerri Willis


Liz MacDonald Sandra Smith Charles Gasparino Tracy Byrnes
Nicole Petallides Ashley Webster Peter Barnes


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Stossel The Centsables Varney & Co. Cavuto
Lou Dobbs Tonight After the Bell War Stories Strange Inheritance
Intel Report w/ Trish Regan The Willis Report Mornings with Maria Kennedy



DirectTV 359 (HD/SD)
Dish Network 206 (HD/SD)9476 (HD)


Sky Angel 319
AT&T U-Verse 1211 (HD)211 (SD)


Verizon FiOS 617 (HD)117 (SD)