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The Lebanese satellite news television owned by Lebanese Communication Group was launched in 1991. The channel started its broadcasts from Beirut, Lebanon on 4 June 1991. The news TV is said to be associated with Hezbollah and is headquartered in Hezbollah’s stronghold Haret Hreik in South Lebanon. Al-Manar began with a few team members on its establishment but able to recruit over 150 people in very next year. The news from an Iranian perspective, Blunt Shia Narrative, Pro Hezbollah/Palestine/Iran/Syria stance and Anti-Israel/US/ Zionist stance are the basis of the television. The TV has seen consistent bans and strong criticism on its anti-west and Jewish programming. The Google and Apple apps of Al-Manar were also taken down by Play Store and ITunes on account of hate speech and promotion of incitement against Israel and US.

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A part form controversies and accusations you can find a great deal of news pertaining to the matters and current affairs of different regions of the Muslim world around the globe on the official website of TV as Al-Manar apparently advocates unity among Muslim world and good relations, peace and harmony with non-Muslim states as well. “A Flame that will not be extinguished” is the slogan of the TV. The channel banned by France, Spain, Germany and others has run into trouble on a number of times. The well developed page rank#5 website of the news TV is a good thing to browse. The Arabic, French, English and Spanish versions of Alexa rank 5,139 site have diverse appeal. However, here you have the online version of Al-Manar http://almanar.com/lb/english.