Al Jazeera Mubasher


Al Jazeera Mubasher Al-‘Amma launched on April 14, 2005 is a Doha-based station that offers live coverage and commentary with subs when needed. In its broadcasting nature, the channel is similar to C-Span US and United Kingdom-based BBC Parliament. It also shares a webcast version through its official site. First of its kind in Arabic language, the station was previously recognized as Al Jazeera Mubasher. A graphics upgrade was introduced in 2014. It is on air since April 2015 across Middle East and broadcasts live news and coverage of political, social events and economic activities in Qatar and rest of the region. Also referred to as AJ Live, the channel presents real-time footages for the latest events.

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Mubasher is the home for all the live coverage of political gatherings, diplomatic meetings, press conferences, seminars and discussions on the economic, cultural, political and social issues. The service was relaunched as Jazeera Mubasher Al-‘Amma/Al Jazeera Live on Dec 20, 2014 as the parent network was forced to suspend its Al Jazeera Misr operations following a crackdown by the newly formed government. This banning of the service in Egypt moved the parent to merge the operations of Mubasher and Mubasher Misr to establish AJ Al-‘Amma. Apart from the coverage of live events, the station hosts in-depth analysis programs, political debate and talk shows. You can watch the Qatar-based service online for the latest news, news-briefings and political press conferences. Follow the station on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Here is the website: