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The CCTV’s global expansion is a part of China’s grand strategy for media. CCTV International Russian was launched in the September, 2009; the juncture joined the both allies on the 60th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic ties forged between the two friend nations. With the launch of Russian sister; the CCTV has commitment to further strengthen the ties between the Moscow and Beijing – the key players of the Asian region. CCTV has its broadcasts through Chinasat 6B and EB-9A which cover the Middle East, Asian-Pacific and European region. Over 300 million viewers inhabiting in 12 commonwealth nations, three Baltic Sea regions and a reasonable audience from Eastern Europe are making the family of Russian TV. The content features the broadcasts entirely in Russian with the news, educational and documented content accessed by the millions.

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The cooperation between China and Russia is much enhanced on the every front and the ties between the two are closer than ever before after such collaborations. The Chinese perspective is getting more and more space and coverage with the every passing day. The dynamic developments between the two nations in science, arts, culture and the rest are changing the dynamics of the region.

About CCTV

Launch September 10, 2009
Language Russian
Country China
Headquarters Beijing
Website http://russian.cntv.cn


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