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News 24 is the first round the clock channel in the country broadcasting 24×7 in the country. The country’s population needs a media that affords to speak bluntly and outspokenly on the issues and advocates the right and righteous. The unbiased agenda and objective insights are the envisioned by the bold and ambitious leadership of the news brand. News 24 is connected strongly with its audiences through digital and social media platforms i.e. through website, mobile (iPhone, Android). The channel is first one among the country’s media to develop apps for Smart TV Samsung, Dune HD and LG. The channel launched in March 2006 has proved itself as objective, impartial and quality product so far in the Ukrainian media industry. The editorial policies are nonpartisan and that’s what a makes it the reliable and trustworthy news source in the Ukraine.

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More About TV

Launch March 1, 2006
Country Ukraine
Language Ukrainian
Headquarters Kiev
Website http://24tv.ua/


Вікторія Лісецька
Павло Рольник
Христина Стець
Леся Вакулюк
Дарія Кудімова
Вадим Колодійчук