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Al Jazeera English launched on November 15, 2006 is a Qatar-based international news station funded by Qatari government. Though the channel is headquartered in Qatar, it also operates form its London Bureau to produce some of its segments for more convenience. Al Jazeera Documentary Chanel, Al Jazeera Mubasher, AJ+ and Al Jazeera Balkans are the siblings of the AJ English.


AJE signed on air in Nov 2006 however the service was originally planned premier was in June 2006 which was delayed because of the late delivery of HDTV technology. The name of the station was also changed in the final moments from Al Jazeera International to Al Jazeera English: AJE. Upon its launch AJE reached to 80m households which was double than the original target of 40m set by the management. AJE is carried to over 130m domestic households globally ad is available in 100+ countries via satellite and cable subscriptions.

Developing a good repute in European audiences, the station was unable to attract the desired response in US mainly because of the fact that it used the one satellite transmission following its launch. The trend was changed when it entered the North American market and went online. It stretched its reach to New York in Aug 2011 while having prior presence in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Ohio. It primarily utilizes online streaming services to serve the viewership in United States. AJE is available to Canadian audiences since 2009 following the approval of its distribution by CRTC: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission which allowed Rogers, Bell TV and other carriers to spread the Qatar-based broadcaster in North America.

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AJ United States

Al Jazeera in Jan 2013 acquired Current TV and announced that it would become Al Jazeera’s US arm. 60 percent of the programming would be produced originally in Europe while remaining 40% would come from Al Jazeera English. The channel following it launch remained active for three years before going silent on April 12, 2016 because of funding issues and non-profitability concerns.

Al Jazeera Europe

Al Jazeera management announced the establishment of Al Jazeera UK in 2013 which would operate in a manner similar to RT UK and ERT American. The studio facilities were moved from Knightsbridge to The Shard; it ceased the operations from Knightsbridge in Sep 2014. The new location: floor 16 of The Shard can be used as a standalone facility with no dependency on Qatar headquarters. It aired its maiden news-bulletin on Oct 10, 2014.


Listening Post UpFront People and Power 101 East
Talk to Al Jazeera Al Jazeera Investigates World News Empire
Newsgrid Fault Lines Witness The Stream
Newshour TechKnow Inside Story
Head to Head Viewfinder Counting the Cost


About Programs


Fault Lines: Presented by Josh Rushing and Wab Kinew, the documentary series highlights the unreported and lesser known facts about life in United States.

Inside Story: The program brings a daily investigation report of a topical issue with participation of three guests from within and outside the place of story or issue discussed.

Head to Head is a debate show hosted by Mehdi Hasan

TechKnow: TechKnow, a treat for tech savvies, discusses the gadgets and news from the IT World.

UpFront: A debate and analysis program anchored by Mehdi Hasan.

The Stream: The show covers the news from Social media platforms and is hosted by Malika Bilal and Femi Oke.



Malika Bilal Julie MacDonald Jamal Elshayyal Rob Reynolds
Shamim Chowdhury Zeina Khodr Shihab Rattanhi Alan Fisher
Haru Mutasa Marwan Bishara Mohamed Fahmy Dena Takruri
Everton Fox Hoda Abdl-Hamid Lucia Newman Stephen Cole
Mehdi Hassan David Chater Fauziah Ibrahim Dareen Abughaida


Broadcast Centers and Bureaus

Al Jazeera English Headquarters Doha, London Bureau: The Shard, Washington, DC. are the broadcast centers. Bureaus of the station are located in Tunis, Beirut, Baghdad, Tehran, Gaza, Tripoli, Ramallah, Amman, Abuja, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Paris, Athens, Belgrade, Moscow, Istanbul, Berlin, New York City, Mexico City, Toronto, Miami, Los Angles, San Francisco, Chicago, Caracas, Kabul, Bangkok, Manila, Beijing, Islamabad, Dhaka, New Delhi, Seoul, Jakarta, Sydney, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City and some other places across the globe.

Controversial Treatment in Egypt

Al Jazeera English journalists, Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste had been accused by Egyptian government of planting false news and supporting Muslim Brotherhood vs. al-Sisi’ coup in 2013.