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Al Ekhbariya (القناة الإخبارية السعودية) is a Saudi news TV headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The current affairs channel was launched in January 2004 to present a new image of the Gulf Arab State. “We want to tell the world about our country, to give a new image,” the director of the Riyadh-based channel, Mohammad Barayan, told Reuters news agency. The news agency was the first one to hire female staff and presenters for their transmissions and bulletins. Ekhbariya (القناة الإخبارية السعودية) has the vision to strengthen and empower Arab women; the first bulletin of the Al Ekhbariya was presented by Buthaina al-Nasr making history as the first Arab woman presenter by a channel in Saudi Arabia, and the lady is still with the progressive institution.

قناة الاخبارية السعودية بث مباشر

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More About Ekhbariya (القناة الإخبارية السعودية)

Ekhbariya (القناة الإخبارية السعودية) brings the latest stories from the Saudi Kingdom, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and other Gulf states in a credible and accepted way. ISIS, Daesh, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Economy, and Oil are the most used keywords on the website of the Ekhbariya. The state-owned Ekhbariya, like its competitors, directly comes under the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Kingdom with a couple of other state-run stations. Al Ekhbariya is transmitted to the Middle Eastern empires and states via Bader 4 Satellite on 26.0° East. The cutting-edge online version of the Ekhbariya is developed by a team of professional webmasters. Visitors can have the latest news, talk shows, political papers, and Economic reports section on the web. The sites’ English, Persian, and Arabic versions attract multi-national visitors. The latest story from a pure Saudi but objective perspective is the vision of the Ekhbariya. Social handles, including Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and X, can help visitors follow, like, comment, tweet, follow, and say what they think is right or wrong.

About TV

Launch January 11, 2004
Country Saudi Arabia
Network Saudi TV
Owner Government
Broadcast area Arab World Worldwide
Headquarters Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sister channels Al Saudiya Saudi 2 AlEqtisadiyah AlRiyadiyah Al Quran Al Karim Al Sunnah Al Nabawiyah Al Thakafiyah Ajyal
Website http://alekhbariya.net/en


لقاء الأسبوع طبعة المشاهد العالم بعيون سعودية الراصد
المشهد اليمني ستديو الإخبارية أموال ومسارات المنتصف