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Sky News launched on Feb 5, 1989 is a British Television station owned by Comcast, a subsidiary of Sky. The channel is headed by John Ryley since June 2006. It has won the Royal Television Society award 11 times since its establishment. Sky News Arabia is a JV of Sky with Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corporation. Sky News Australia, another sibling of the service came directly under the ownership of Sky plc until Dec 2016. Sky News International, providing a simulcast of Sky UK without British ads can be seen in South Asia, Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Americas and Middle East. In between the half-hour newscasts, the channel airs narrated segments consisting of content other than current news and international weather forecasts. The radio arm, Sky News Radio sources national and international news to commercial and community radios across UK and a couple others operating globally. It also shares its content with Yahoo! News. The service can be accessed via Apple TV, Roku, YouTube, Pluto TV and Amazon Fire TV. The over dozen siblings of the British channel include Pick, Sky One, Sky Two, Challenge, Sky Sports and others. First for breaking news is the catchphrase used by the station.

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Early Years

Rupert Murdoch on June 8, 1998 revealed about the launch of the Sky in a speech given at British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta). The channel singed on air on Feb 5, 1989. The upstart channel started its operations with a budget of £40 million. Despite initial hurdles it faced under chief executive Sam Chisholm, the station soon began to pose some competition to BBC and ITN. In 1990 former deputy Prime Minister William Whitelaw in House of Lords praised the station: I admire it, as do many other people, it will certainly waken up both the BBC and ITN and ensure that they compete with what is a very important news service”. Never run for profiteering, the service considered using ITN to supplement its operations.

The parent of the Sky by March 1992 started to recover from loss. At that time Murdoch claimed: “Sky News, has quietly, if expensively, become the first building block of what we envision will become the premier worldwide electronic news-gathering network anywhere. Ask anyone in Europe, and particularly the BBC and you will be told that Sky News has added a new and better dimension to television journalism.”

2000 Onwards

A 24×7 interactive service airing headline news “Sky News Active” was launched in March 2000. It also included weather, top stories and showbiz segments. The service in March 2004 bagged the five year contract to source Channel 5 with news bulletins which previously came from ITN until Jan 2005. The network shifted to Isleworth, London on Oct 24, 2005 and received on-screen graphics revamp. The newly filled place had the biggest video wall in Britain designed by Janson Design Group of New York.

The on-screen graphics once again underwent on-screen graphics revamp ahead of 2015 General Election. It stated broadcasting from Studio 21 on Oct 24, 2016 at Sky Central which would be then service’s news headquarters in West London. Changes to schedule were made. The business operations were moved into the News Building in Central London in Jan 2017. In a complete shift, Sky moved all of its news operations to Studio 21 aka “the glass box” on Jan 16, 2018.

Sky News International

The International version of Sky is available on multiple cable and satellite systems. The international service was added to Apple TV on June 19, 2013 in UK, US and Ireland and was made available on Roku Streaming player on July 24, 2013. The Channel started to stream live on YouTube on Sep 30, 2014.


Sky News Australia, Sky News Ireland, Sky News Arabia launched in 2012 and Sky TG24 that kicked off in 2003 are the sister stations of the Britain-based service.

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