Home Updates Covid-19: US Reaches 5,000 Fatalities from the Deadly Virus

Covid-19: US Reaches 5,000 Fatalities from the Deadly Virus

Covid-19: US Reaches 5,000 Fatalities from the Deadly Virus

United States has reached 5,000 fatalities from Covid-19, Johns Hopkins University reported on Wednesday. Earlier the university revealed that 884 people had died in last 24 hours – a new record in the country. A six-year-old infant was among the latest victims of the disease. Over 216, 000 people across the globe have been confirmed infected with the virus.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported that the federal reserves of protective and medical equipment were near collapse. Quoting officials in the Department of Homeland Security, the newspaper revealed that the exhausted reserves have pushed the federation and state to start a tug of war for the procurement of safety gear and medical suppliers as the ever rising demand during the unprecedented crisis had become profitable for others.

On the other hand, WH say it can acquire adequate supplies with a USD 16 billion available and reserved for the purchase as the outbreak looks to meet its peak in next two weeks.

In other developments on Wednesday, United States VP, Mike Pence has warned that the country’s appears to be lying of a similar trajectory as that of Italy where fatalities are now above 13,000, more than any nation in the world.

While British government has sketched a plan to boost testing drive with weeks, the All England Club in the Kingdom has cancelled the coveted Grass Slam, Wimbledon for the first time since World War II.

Canada’s Premier Justin Trudeau has pledged for the largest economic program in the history of the North American nation.

The official death toll in Iran has passed 3,000 mark.

WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned saying as much 1mn people across the globe will catch the infection in the coming days if the outspread can’t be controlled.