Home Updates Spain Now Has More Deaths form Corona than Mainland China

Spain Now Has More Deaths form Corona than Mainland China

Spain Now Has More Deaths form Corona than Mainland China

Spain’s death toll from novel coronavirus has beaten out the official figure recorded by mainland China to register the second highest death toll after Italy. The number of deaths jumped up by 783 in the last 24 hours to become 3,434 as it also surpassed Italy’s today’s tally of 683. So far, Chinese officials have given a figure of 3,285 deaths while Italy is the worst affected nation with 6,820 deaths. Around 27,000 people are admitted in Spain and the infection rate has increased by a fifth. Madrid is the worst hit city however, Catalonia in the north-east has seen a surge in the cases.

The Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo has been screened positive for the Covid-19 according to the government. She was taken to hospital on Sunday with respiratory symptoms. Legislators are expected to vote on expanding the countrywide emergency by 2 weeks until April 11, 2020. Under the lockdown, people are disbarred from leaving home expect for groceries, medicines and other essential supplies.

The global death count has surpassed 20,000 while 460,000 registered patients. More than 110,000 people have also recovered from the virus as per accounts compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

On Wednesday the United Nations announcing a USD 2 billion package for the world’s poorest people, reported that the virus was “threatening the whole of humanity”. “Global action and solidarity are crucial. Individual country responses are not going to be enough,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres said.

Current Situation in Spain

Spanish health ministry on Wednesday released the figures revealing that the death toll in the country increased by 738 over the period of 24 hours while number of cases moved to 7,973.

These are the highest figures recorded in a single day and the country now has confirmed 47,610 cases. Catalonia tops with 10,000 cases while Basque Country and Andalusia account for over 3,000 cases. The hard-hit region is capital Madrid with 14,597 cases.


On Tuesday, Madrid’s municipal funeral home reported that it had stopped collecting victims of the epidemic and city’s major ice rink will be employed as temporary mortuary. The troops were brought in to combat the virus as retirement home residents were found abandoned and dead in their beds. The defense ministry reported that staff at some fostering hoses also left their jobs after disease was detected and outspread.

In other developments, local media on Wednesday reported that over 20 residents who were confirmed to have the virus or had its symptoms died at the Fundación Santísima Virgen y San Celedonio care home in Madrid’s Chamartín district. Another 50 members of staff were in self-isolation after the deaths.

Latest from Europe

As Europe has emerged as the new epicenter of the disease and the cases are surging, leaders of nine European Union nations have called for a 27-member bloc to insure a stimulus package through a “common debt instrument” to fight the disease in the continent.

Spain Surpasses China in Total deaths by Covid-19

“In particular, we need to work on a common debt instrument… to raise funds on the market on the same basis and to the benefits of all member states,” read the letter, signed by the leaders of Spain, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and France.

Italy: With 683 death in the past 24 hours, the country has now reached a frightening death toll of 7,503. The government has enforced punishments for breaking virus control measures, slapped individuals with heavy fines and announced 4-year prison terms for anyone who tests positive and violates the quarantine measures.

France: According to national health agency chief, France has witnessed another 231 deaths in past 24 hours brining the death toll to 1,331. Jérôme Salomon told the media that there had been a 12% rise in the number of people going for life support and that “the epidemic is rapidly worsening in France”. President Emmanuel Macron went to a Military hospital on Wednesday and appreciated the resolve and sacrifice of medical professionals serving the infected.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin has temporarily suspended a vote on constitutional amendment that will secure his future as the President of the country for lifetime because of the outbreak concerns. Earlier, the voting was due to be held on April 22, 2020. The number of infected people recorded in Russia as of Wednesday are 658.

UK: In a shocking development in United Kingdom, it is confirmed that throne heir Prince Charles has caught Covid-19 as he became the first member from Royal victim of the epidemic.

Good News: The tight lockdowns have considerably reduced the air pollution with reduced levels of nitrogen dioxide. Milan, Italy has recorded 21 percent less NO2 emission compared with the same week in 2019 according to EU Environment Agency. Madrid’s levels have been cut down to 41% and Lisbon, Portugal has 51% lower emission rates after a significant decrease in traffic flow on the roads across Europe.