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Al Jazeera Arabic also known as Jazeera Satellite Channel is a Qatari broadcaster O&O by Al Jazeera Media Network. The state funded enterprise the station has over the time evolved into a multi-facility broadcaster and can be seen everywhere across the globe sourced by 80 news bureaus at different sites. It maintains the status-quo of leading news outlet in Middle East and also holds the status of a major market share holder in the Western part of the globe. Afghan War was a significant event in the history of the channel as it lifted the upstart network medium-status franchise into a globally acknowledged broadcaster. At the time of American invasion AL Arabic was the only station with direct presence in Afghanistan and covered the live war scenes. Call-in shows and other untraditional methods to produce the news were received by Arab audiences.


AJM owned by Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is claimed to be having editorial independence and states that the financing and grants do not come directly from the state machinery. The network is seen by some as a Sunni voice in the Middle east while clashing with the Shia population and their interests in the region but the network claims non-partisanship. The Slogan: “Covering all sides” is explained by the management as their commitment to give space to every side be it Israel, Iran or Al Qaeeda and its late founder OBL.

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Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in June 2017 in a bid to launch an anti-Qatar alliance banned the Al Jazeera and asked for the complete shutdown of the network by the House of Thani in their 13-point agenda citing that the Qatari Monarchy and their station is giving voice to those involved in terrorism in the region. AJM on it one side seen as a Sunni mouthpiece is at parallel also considered to be a moderate Arab broadcaster that tries to maintain a balance between Eastern and Western World.


The shutdown of BBC’s Arabic arm which was a joint ownership BBC and Orbit Communications gave space to the Qatari broadcaster which then got launched on Nov 1, 1996 under the branding: Al Jazeera Satellite Channel. The initial grants of $137 million were provided by Sheikh Hamid bin Khalifa for the upstart network. Shares were hooked by Qatari government as well as private owners.

Jazeera Satellite Channel upon its launch offered 6 hours of daily news programming before augmenting it to 12 hours a year later. It was a free to air service which operated through satellite, cable and terrestrial feed however, dishes were allowed in 2001 to receive the signal. Arabsat the only satellite broadcaster in ME at that time was picked by Jazeera after it signed on air. Initially getting a C-band transponder, Al Jazeera in June 2012 luckily received the Ku-band transponder after Canal France International for some seriously weird reason streamed 30 minutes of pornography in a highly conservative Saudi Kingdom.

Afghan War Coverage

The Invasion of Afghanistan to chase and hunt OBL and Taliban was a watershed event in the history of AJA. It would play the exclusive reels from the war-torn places and even the remote one almost impossible to be accessed by media. The sharing of regular tapes of Osama and Talibans observed a great demand in the western markets. Criticized by some for its highly prized content, AJ responded that the clips and footages were not without news as it addresses primarily Arab viewership. It also opened a Kabul office which came under accidental US bombing in 2001 and felt what it feels to be in War.

2003 Iraq War and Qatar Blockade (2017)

Al Jazeera present in Iraq since 1997 once again boosted its audience share when US and allies entered the war against Saddam who was eventually dethrone in a quest for WMD: weapons of mass destruction.

Sisters and Competitors

Al Jazeera sharing the only operational sibling of the station following the closure of AJ America and separation with beIN Sports in Jan 2014.

The Competitors of the station include Al Mayadeen, Al Arabiya, BBC Arabic Television, Al Alam, Rusiya Al-Yaum and a few others.

Awards and Accolades

Since its launch, the service has been awarded with a number of awards which include Index on Censorship, Webby Awards and others.


The channel expands its reach from Middle East to US, UK, India, Northern Africa and Europe using different platforms including Cable, IPTV and Satellite. Audiences can have the station on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites. Here is the official website to stream the station: