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Poland Election: Duda holds slim lead over Trzaskowski in Presidential Race

Poland’s current President Andrzej Duda after Sunday’s Presidential polls enjoys a slim lead over socially liberal Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski as per data of an exit poll. Mr. Duda an ally of the conservative government, according to the poll has obtained 50.4% of the total vote. The crucial voted will define the country’s future with European Union and can help repair its strained relations with the block. Trzaskowski whom Duda was pitted against banked lagged with a narrow margin with 49.6% of the vote according to exit poll. The margin of the error according to pollster Ipsos is two percentage points.

A second poll consisting of partial official results and exit poll data showed Duda got 50.8% of the vote while official results are due on Monday.
“I want to thank everyone that voted for me,” Mr. Duda thanked his voters after the announcing of exit poll.

The result has probably never been so close in Polish history, we have never felt the power in our vote so much,” added the incumbent President. According to Duda, voter turnout recorded was around 70% which if confirmed by election officials would be highest in the history of Poland.

President Duda kissing the hand of First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda

A win if confirmed for Duda will meant radical changes in the judiciary and continued persistent setback for those advocating for LGBT and abortion rights. He came under fire during his election campaign when he declared LGBT rights activism more loathsome and dangerous then communism. On the contrary, the Warsaw mayor has supported a more progressive approach and active role in EU. Trzaskowski representing liberals got a jumpstart in the race in May. Formerly a member of Donald Tusk’s liberal Civic Platform government, he clinched the capital’s mayor victory and promised “Warsaw for All”.

In his speech he said Polish voters would never get a new chance to change Poland’s direction.

“All we need is to count the votes. The night will be tense but I am certain that when the votes are counted, we will win,” Mr. Trzaskowski told his supporters on Sunday.