Home Updates China, Russia benefiting from Biden Presidency, not US – Rep. McCarthy

China, Russia benefiting from Biden Presidency, not US – Rep. McCarthy

On Saturday, House Minority Leader Representative Kevin McCarthy argued that U.S. adversaries such as Russia and China are benefiting from the actions of President Joe Biden during his first week in office. However, the American people are not getting any benefits from his decisions. McCarthy told Justice with Judge Jeanine that just look at the administration of the first week of the new president. Russia and China, the adversaries, are benefiting from his administration, not Americans.

Moreover, he continued to say that Biden put America on his last priority; instead, he put China first. The American president signed a total of seventeen executive orders within some minutes of entering the Oval House for the first time on 20th January. Furthermore, he reversed several orders and policies of the Trump administration. Biden also identified his priorities on the presidential campaign trail, including the COVID-19 pandemic and climate agreement.

The president’s orders included renewing the United States commitment to the Paris climate agreement and halting the Keystone XL oil pipeline project. The former President Donald Trump withdrew support to the climate agreement three years before his tenure end. On Saturday, McCarthy pointed out that stopping the Keystone XL oil pipeline project cut several union jobs and hurt relations with the American greatest ally Canada. The representative also noted that the Paris climate accord only benefits the U.S. rival, China.

McCarthy criticized the undone commitments of Biden about Unity

The House Minority Leader said that Biden also proceeds with a movement of not creating new jobs in America. Biden smashes the one-week-old Biden’s message about unity. He added that Biden never took any of those actions he proclaimed for unity. Currently, there is no unity. Moreover, he went on to say that what will unite this nation is precisely what Republicans are working on in Congress. McCarthy continued that not eleven million new illegal immigrants have citizenship. What about those 10.7 million Americans who are in search of a job.

In April, American employers cut around 20.5 million jobs, a record-shattering number of jobs that pushed redundancy to almost 14.7%, the highest level since the pandemic triggered an unprecedented economic catastrophe. The United States recovered approximately half of the twenty-two million jobs lost during the initial two months of the pandemic. There are still almost 9.8 million more U.S. nationals out of work than there were in February 2020 before the start of the pandemic.

China, Russia benefiting from Biden Presidency, not US – Rep. McCarthy
China, Russia benefiting from Biden Presidency, not US – Rep. McCarthy
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McCarthy also referred to the Wednesday move of the Biden administration to issue a hundred-day pause on deportations of unlawful migrants. The halt on deportations from the country, which means several immigrants with criminal charges and convictions will not be deported in that time duration. The new immigrant moves of Biden are reversing numerous of the policies of Trump. Similarly, Biden signed an executive order to stop constructing the wall at the southern border. Biden administration’s spokesperson denied commenting immediately on the request of Fox News for his remarks on McCarthy’s statements.

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