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Copenhagen Mall Shooting Killed Three

There has been an act of terrorism in the Danish capital of Copenhagen as a gunman opened fire at a shopping mall

Copenhagen Shopping Mall Shooting Killed Three - Local Police

Many people were injured when a shooter opened fire at a shopping mall in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. A Russian citizen aged 47 was also among the victims, according to the police. The hospital is treating two Danes and two Swedes in critical condition. Following the shooting at Field’s center, a twenty-two-year-old man was arrested. He was described as “an ethnic Dane.”

Soeren Thomassen, the police chief, says that the man was suffering from mental health issues. On Monday, a judge will question the suspect, who remains unidentified. In a statement, Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said that the country had suffered a cruel attack. Further, she added that she wanted to encourage her citizens to stand together and support each other in this challenging situation.

She also said their safe and beautiful capital was changed in some moments. The deadly shooting occurred as the country celebrated hosting the first three stages of the Tour de France for the first time in history. In addition, the police said that the suspect had a rifle with excessive ammunition at the time of the arrest. Fields have over one hundred and forty shops and restaurants, attracting many tourists.

British Singer Harry Styles Concert

Because of the violence, the management cancels the singing concert of British singer Harry Styles at a show venue less than a mile from the shooting scene. His fans had already gathered inside the concert venue at the announcement of the show’s cancellation. Danish media reported that police escorted teen fans to underground stations where parents picked them up.

Copenhagen Mall Shooting Killed Three
Copenhagen Shopping Mall Shooting Killed Three – Local Police
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In a statement issued on Saturday, Finland’s PM Sanna Marin condemned the “shocking acts of violence,” and Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store expressed his “thoughts for the victims, their families, and the relief crews who are working to save lives.” In 2015, a terror attack targeting a cultural center and a synagogue in Copenhagen resulted in the death of two individuals and the injury of six police officers.

Almost all automatic weapons are banned in the country, and firearm licenses are only available for hunting or sport shooting after background checks – a country with some of the strictest gun laws in Europe. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to carry a firearm in public.

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