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Families of the Missing Visit the Florida Building Collapse Site

Families of the missing people visited the scene of the Florida building collapse on Sunday as rescue teams continuously digging through the mound of rubble and snug to hope that somebody could be alive somewhere under the debris and twisted metal. Instead, the death toll rose by only 4 people, to a total of 9 confirmed dead. Police identified the latest four victims on Sunday night as Leon Oliwkowicz, eighty, Christina Beatriz Elvira, seventy-four, Anna Ortiz, forty-six, and Luis Bermudez, twenty-six.

After around four complete days of search-and-rescue efforts from the workers, over one hundred and fifty people were still missing in Surfside. Since Thursday, the authorities were unable to pull a single person alive from the broken concrete hours after the collapse. On the other side, some families hoped their visit would allow them to shout loudly to loved ones, maybe buried deep inside the debris of the collapse condo.

Many buses brought many groups of families of the missing persons to a place where they could view the pile and the rescue teams at rescue operations. As relatives returned to a neighboring hotel, many stopped to embrace as they left the bus. Other people walked slowly with arms around each other back to the entrance of the hotel.

Israel led Humanitarian Delegation to Surfside

Nachman Shai, the Israeli Diaspora Affairs, led a humanitarian delegation to Surfside that included teams of many Israeli experts in search-and-rescue operations at the site of building collapse. He said that he discussed the case with experts, and they told him of some cases where survivors found after a hundred hours or more.

Families of the Missing Visit the Florida Building Collapse Site
Families of the Missing Visit the Florida Building Collapse Site
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Further, he said that don’t lose hope; that is what he would say. Rescue teams sought to assure families that they were doing their best to find missing loved ones, but the crew members said they needed to work sensibly for the best chance of finding survivors. Whereas some relatives of the missing ones showing their frustration with the pace of rescuer efforts.

In different meetings with authorities, family members of the victims repeatedly pushed the rescue teams to do more. Castro said that they are doing layer by layer, and all the day and night rescue work is undergoing. Rescue teams are working with sonar and engineers to make sure the rescuers are safe. Workers spend the whole Saturday night digging that stretches one hundred and twenty-five feet long, twenty feet across, and forty feet deep, which said allowed them to find more dead bodies and human remains.