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No American Strategy of Regime Change in Russia – Blinken

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the United States has no plans for regime change in Russia

No American Strategy of Regime Change in Russia – Antony Blinken

On Sunday, Antony Blinken, the United States Secretary of State, emphasized that it is not the policy of the Biden government to seek the downfall of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government. His remarks came one day after United States President Joe Biden expressed during his address in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, that Putin can’t remain in power.

During his visit to Israel, Blinken said that the U.S. doesn’t have a strategy for Russian regime change or anywhere else. Further, he added that in Putin’s or any other case, it is up to the country’s people. Now, in his case, it is up to the Russian people. President Biden gave his forceful speech against the Russian leader since he ordered the Ukrainian invasion on 24th February.

On Saturday evening, during his address at Warsaw’s Royal Castle, the U.S. president evoked four decades of Poland behind the Iron Curtain to develop a case that the global democracies must instantly oppose an oppressive Russia as a threat to world freedom and security.

Putin a Butcher

President Biden said that Putin couldn’t remain in power. Earlier that day, the president described the Russian leader as a butcher. According to United Nations (U.N.) conservative evaluations, the Russian aggression killed around one thousand civilians. It also caused over 3.8 million people to flee Ukraine. After Biden’s speech, a White House official clarified that the president’s remarks intended to prepare the democracies of the world for an extended conflict over Ukraine and were not endorsing regime change in Moscow.


On Sunday, Julianne Smith, the U.S. NATO envoy, reiterated a similar message. He told the State of the Union program of CNN that the United States doesn’t have any strategy for regime change in Russia. He further added that the president’s remarks emphasized that the global community can’t encourage the Russian president to wage aggression in Ukraine or pursue more acts of violence following Putin’s attack on the country.

 Biden’s Remarks – a Horrendous Gaffe

The top GOP on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator James Risch, called the U.S. president’s comments a “horrendous gaffe.” He also wished that Biden would stay on script. Like French President Emmanuel Macron, some European leaders unwelcome Biden’s fiery words. Macron called for control in both words and actions. In addition, Macron told France 3 T.V. that they wanted to stop the deadly war in Ukraine without escalation. He added that the objective was to implement the ceasefire and pull-out Russian troops through diplomatic means.

No American Strategy of Regime Change in Russia – Blinken
No American Strategy of Regime Change in Russia – Blinken
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The French leader condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine as he kept an open communication channel with Moscow to negotiate a diplomatic solution. He showed his intentions on Friday to hold further diplomatic dialogs with the Russian president in the coming days about the ongoing situation in Ukraine, along with an initiative to help residents leave the beleaguered city of Mariupol.

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